how to do positive negative camber on a beetle

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  1. how to do positive negative camber on a beetle

    never done it before , i was asked how to do it on a baga beetle
  2. Never tried it, but could you turn the torsion bars to bring it up, then put longer shocks on? Got to be something on the 'net?
  3. On the front there it a nut with an off centre hole that one ball joint each side fits into. Turn the nut to change the camber
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  4. what about rear
  5. Pull off the spring plates, and alter position on the torsion bars.
    You don't need a special tool, get one of your mates to sit in rear seat and bounce up and down while you belt it back in with a big mallet.
    As done in Africa under a tree by me.
  6. No camber adjustments on the rear its totally dependent on height as axel tube is attached to gearbox at one end and wheel at the other. The wheel moves in an arc dictated by this. unless it’s a later bug on irs with cv joints.
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  7. What no negative camber on the rear of a beetle.
    Don't bother:D
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    Unless you get into the realms of moving the height of the gearbox, the camber just follows the angle of the drive shafts. Lowering gives negative camber, raising it gives positive
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    My bay has some neg camber at the rear and to my surprise it has never effected tyre wear
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  10. thank you every one:thumbsup::hug:
  11. Same here, I've just replaced the rear tyres as they were years old and I was surprised at how even the wear was across the tread.
  12. My rear tyres often end up bald on inner edges and with plenty of tread on the outer edges.
    Incorrect camber caused by 3 inch lowering, plus wider tyres.
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    Mines down abut 2 I wonder why have no unusual wear at all???

    Its been like it for around 15 yrs.

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