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  1. 97AF545D-8D02-4626-9F15-B061D0784431.jpeg Is this enamel sign worth? 1933.
    Near mint, but with a print mistake in top right corner of the packet. The corner lines don’t make a corner.It was going to be scrapped, because of the mistake, so, rare.
    May sell, to help get the van back on the road. I’ve seen proper bad ones on fleabay for over £300.00.
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  2. Take it to Sothebys or the like. Who periodically run themed auctions . It may do better than eBay even taking into account commision..
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  3. You’re selling cigs? 10 for thruppence? Well I gave up years ago, but that is a bargain, I might start again :thinking:
  4. Looks nice , right place right time ,like most stuff . Smoking stuff has gone out of fashion more but there’s always an exception to the rule . I know someone who had a poster of Houdini trick tucked in there waldrobe and was told to put on line . Got two rich Americans after it and the winning bidder / collector came over from Texas to check it nd buy it. Briefcase with 22,000 was passed over at the railway station o_O GLWS its best condion one I’ve seen :thumbsup:
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  5. Baysearcher

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    The Board Room in their Nottingham factory was full of mint signs and full cigarette card collections. Wonder what happened to them when they demolished the place.
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  6. Lol. I used to buy 10 B+H for 62p and take them to school and sell em for 10p each...ah, the 70’s!
  7. Yes the cigarette machines outside shops never asked who they were for either :D
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  8. I just bought em from the shop and said they were for me mum...

    I was only 9, after
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  9. Whatever happened to fag machines chained to the wall outside shops?

    They should convert them to sell carbon-neutral tofu. Would be a great hit in Islington :thumbsup:
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    Full fag machine. Probably worth quite bit nowadays. Easy target. Those in the pub too where you only got like 14 or 17 or something in a pack!
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  11. I remember when the new 20p came out, you could buy 20 Vanguard from a machine, for a quid and a 20p would be sellotaped to the packet!
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