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  1. Do you answer a number if you don’t recognise it ? If you have to change your number how do you get in contact :confused: and if you loose them then what .
  2. I’ve had the same mobile number for over 20 years, and probably half a dozen different networks. So much easier than having to tell everyone when you change. I sometimes think that when people tell me their new number, what they are really saying is, I’ve had a new phone :lol:
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  3. I don’t answer withheld or private numbers,
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  4. I’ve had the same number for over 10years I just transfer it to the new phone.
    If I get a number come up that’s not local or it’s the mother-in-law I let the answer machine deal with it.
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  5. And we're surprised at that are we?

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  6. I answer all unknown and withheld numbers. The amount of accident claims I've got going on at the moment is unbelievable!
    I didn't realise I was su h a bad driver!!!

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  7. I’ve had the same phone and network fa over twenty years ,it fits in my top pocket I’m smarter than it too . I’m so upset they are taking my jaffa away :(
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  8. Dont forget the accidents you have in the care home, that’s the last time I hose you down:eek:
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  9. Did he forget his pampers again :rolleyes:
  10. Let me guess ... A Nokia3330?
    As for contacts, it should be possible to "migrate" all your phone contacts via either software c/o of the phone manufacturer (though it sounds as if yours might be too old for that) or transfering the files to a memory card (like "SD") by cable or directly if your outgoing phone will take one ....
    Then it's a case of "text to all" for mobiles from the new number (you can text to landlines. It gets "read out" by a computer.
    Great fun if you say the right stuff :D)
    Is that what you meant?
  11. I don’t answer my phone. I allow all unknown numbers to go to my answerphone then I choose whether or not I want to speak to them and when. My voicemail even tells people to text me instead.

    I have two phones. One for business. One for friends and family. This way I can actually go on holiday unlike a lot of my mates who are also self employed but seem unable not to take work calls constantly on their days off.
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  12. Merlin Cat

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    I generally ignore calls not from contacts whilst I’m working. If they’re new customers they will leave a message, if sales people they won’t.
  13. It’s the only way. I’ve had days in winter where I wouldn’t have had any chance of getting through the jobs I have booked in if I’d answered all the calls. Most of them from people who can’t get hold of the person who’s always done their boiler, or sales calls. Loads and loads of sales calls. Plus a good sprinkling of ppi and accident claims.

    That’s the definite downside of mobiles.
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  14. This ^^^
    Answering machine is there for a reason

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  15. But if I didn’t answer the phone to random numbers, who would I speak to? ;)
  16. My no. been the same since my first phone, a Nokia 402!
  17. Answering machine???????
    Is it on the cabinet at the foot of the stairs with your dial phone? :rolleyes:
  18. Oi! don’t you be dissing the dial phone!
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  19. You lot a aw fick . If someone text you from a phone number that you don’t have , you don’t get an answer phone when you text . Deeeeeeeeeeer . And if you don’t answer the text how will you know it’s someone you know or not . Also if you phone someone and they don’t answer why would you leave a message they might not know what you sound like so how would they know it’s you . Tweet just tweet in ya trees :D:thinking:
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