How long is your dipstick?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Skyelectrix, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. right now I’ve got your attention and I’m sure we’ll have some comedy responses!

    I’m not sure my dipstick is the right length. As many of you know my van was missing an engine and I’ve sourced bits from here and there. When I came to fill my engine with oil I measured out 3.5 litres and poured it in. Only trouble is it is above the marks on the dipstick. So could I dare ask you to go and measure your dipstick? And also the distance of the MIN & MAX marks please.
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    Sits back and waits for the naughty boys to arrive.

  3. Is your round head (type 1) or cavalier (type 4), there is a difference, apparently.

    Asking for friend! Who says there's no point measuring his if yours is not the same as his.
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  4. I’ll show you mine but only if you show me yours....
  5. I will pop up the workshop and grab a quick pic
  6. It's easy to tell round heads have the fan on the top :thumbsup:
  7. It’s a 2.0 type 4
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  8. I need a longer dipstick if they do one as it doesn’t quite reach the oil ;)

    Will measure it later for you (stock 1600 type 1)

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  9. Ok, I have a type4 (cavalier) albeit an earlier model. I will check on the dipstick length for you.

    As we gentlemen all know, size matters.....
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  10. Absolutely and it’s always good to get a length in first thing in the morning according to mr goodhew..
  11. 3.5 litres is correct, don't run it with less.
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  12. Not quite a foot then
  13. Mine's a foot but I don't use it as a rule :)
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  14. When you went n met rick was it ?
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  15. I haven’t heard that since my school days...
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  16. Took a few seconds that one Barn :thumbsup:
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