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  1. I have to source and fit a complete new interior to my 72' Devon pop top type 2 van less head lining and front seats.

    The wife and I have been looking at the options layout wise and think that the full length units opposite the sliding door with 3/4 Rock and roll bed is the preferred layout with a second unit and fold down seat.

    Other spec required:

    240v hook up with leisure battery charging system.

    Twin burner / sink and two way fridge.

    Flooring and door cards all round.


    Now we don't have a bottomless pit budget but neither do we want to rush and fit stuff that we will regret and need to swap out in a year or two.

    I'm happy to do the fit myself but not build the cabinets.

    The big question for those that have already been there is how much ? What's the ball park figure?

    I ask because we are just overwhelmed with the array of options and many of the conversion companies don't list prices.
  2. Full width bed is better IMOA ....

    Ask for quotes ! I'm guessing 2k+ for new or up to a grand for second hand
  3. I disagree, it makes the cupboards very difficult.
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  4. We are set on 3/4 as we haven't seen any layouts that we consider would give us sufficient storage for a decent length break away with a full bed fitted.
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  5. its ok for single occupancy but for 2 its a bit cramped ..... it also depends what you do with the spare wheel

    westfalia is the only way to go ..... a full width bed gives more storage under bed ..... westy has a wardrobe , sink ,cooker,fridge and more storage than the 4 ( 2 adults 2 kids ) of us need ....

    At the end of the day its your bus so do what suits
  6. Yeah I agree, if there's 2 sleeping get a full width R&R :thumbsup:
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  7. As for storage you can store loads in the front cab area, nobody ever utilises this space.
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  8. sANDYbAY

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    The answers you've received so far sum up interiors for campervans. Half say full width is the only way to go, the other half insist that 3/4 is what you need. I'm firmly in the 3/4 and full length cupboards and worktop camp and we've spent hundreds of nights in our van over the last eight years and never felt that we needed a wider bed.
    Basically you need to have to decide what's more important and then just go for it.
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  9. Haha..... we are both slim and whenever camping we are usually cuddled up pretty tight trying not to freeze....... but perhaps we had better get some dimensions and give it a try!
  10. Thanks all, what about the dosh for the spec I listed? £2-3k sound in the right park?
  11. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    I built mine myself and I reckon I spent about £600 on bits not including the cooker, fridge or propex.
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  12. Yeah that's loads, mine cost £29.99 :thumbsup:
  13. I have a 3/4 bed. I am a large lump, and we still (just about) manage to get us two and a dog in the bed!
  14. I haven't the time or skills to build my own - the last bit of wood work I tried was building a rabbit hutch for my daughter. By the time I'd done ruining bits of wood with poor measurement / cuts etc I'd spent twice the cost of buying a built one - and mine was twisted and unstable. Anything that needs a spanner or a welder then I'm good......
  15. Check out Rusty Lee beds when you go bed hunting ;)
  16. Looking at your avatar don't you have a devon conversion in the bus ?
  17. Don't get rid if you have an original interior.
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  18. It's all there but a bit scrappy - plus the layout isn't ideal. Using the sink and cooker is awkward. When the bed out its a real faff to move about having a wash etc.

    I get the original thing but this bus has been with us 30 years already ( my Dad bought it when I was 7 ). My wife and I plan to keep it long into our retirement so getting it right for extended and frequent use is what we want.

    As we are only 37 the interior that we fit has a long task ahead!
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  19. 3/4 for us as well it is tight but the storage space is worth it as i hate having stuff on the floor or lying around making it hard work
    We pull up swivel the passenger seat, pop the roof put the kettle on and thats it we are camping
    I would recommend doing a swivel front seat it gives you so much more room
    i recon buying a ok of the shelve interior, cooker,sink, electrics, upholstery, insulation and roof-lining would be around £2k if you fitted it yourself
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  20. Ah..... hadn't seen any Bay's with swivel seats. Is there a recommended kit? Mind that said mine has bulkhead panels and a walk through. Not having it to hand to look at yet I can recal if these are welded panels or bolt on parts?

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