How hard can it be to find the right van?

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  1. So, park on the other side of the road! The only negative IMO is driving round left hand bends where tree/hedges obscure the view, in a right hooker you're nearer the middle of the road and can see further round the corner.
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  2. Never thought of the sliding door issue, but then again, with kids in the bus i normally park in the parent spots in car parks, i rarely park on the road nowadays as most places round here you have to pay anyway.
  3. Just to clarify the above statement...

    Type 4s aren't rare, nor are the parts hard to find!! If anything bits have become a lot easier to get hold of :)

    Also if you cost up rebuilding a type 1 engine properly against the cost of rebuilding a type 4 then you'll find that the cost is pretty comparable!! And I'm not talking about off the shelf recons :)

    I wasn't aiming that directly at you baybirmingham, it's an age old misconception that I hear all the time!! And I wanted to clarify for the OP as he might be put off buying a van with a type 4!! :cool:
  4. Over taking busses in London is interesting with a left hooker and no passenger to say go!
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    I love watching threads where all you lefties try and convince newbies its not a compromise! Of course it is, we drive on the left in this country so rhd are better suited by design.
    I particularly like the convincing argument: "for the minor in convenience of LHD and the total lack of rust" as if a van being a lefty is a guarantee that it'll be rust free....

    Personally, I bought a rhd because it's what I wanted. Fair play to those of you who buy lefties, it's just not for me.
  6. All you get with rust free bus's is rust for free! They always need a little bit of work although it probably doesn't come under mot!
  7. :thinking:

    I drive both, I have a left hookers and right. I have to admit, it's not an issue driving a LHD, and to be truthful I actually find it easier. They seem to be smoother, especially the throttle linkages. Overtaking isn't an issue, neither is the slider being in the wrong side. So I wouldn't consider that a LHD is a compromise.

    As for type 4 engine, they're much maligned by those who don't know them but they're are a big step up on the type 1, easy to buy and find bits for and will outlast a type 1.

    Doug's right though its down to personal choice, personally I travel extensively with work and drive more left hookers than right so its second nature. And buying LHD doesn't guarantee rust free but it improves your chances of getting one which had a lot less rust and is less likely to have been butchered and welded. Of the vans I've brought in from the USA all have needed new battery trays which were rusty and I had one which needed a new front panel.
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    It's incredibly hard. Almost impossible. But once you find the right one you'll almost talk yourself never to sell. I'd hate to start looking again but if I did I'd have to find another Westfalia Berlin.

    What you will find web you find your perfect bus is that you will lavish it to make it even more perfect. Trust me, this never ends. 5 years in and I'm still evolving my bus to be perfect for me :lol:
  9. I've been looking on and off for about 8 months now. I totted up and i reckon i've been to see or made serious enquiries on about 23 vehicles so far (and before anyone tells me i must be a tire kicking time waster - i've actually agreed to buy THREE so far but for whatever reason it's not worked out and the deal fell through).

    As above though, even if i find my "perfect" bus i will most likely have a bunch of things i'll want to do.. :)

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