How hard can it be to find the right van?

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by StevieJD, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. I've been looking for a RHD, 4 berth LB for about 3 months. I've been to see a few and, each time, I've been disappointed :( Either they aren't as good as the seller's description or are over priced for what they are. I'd welcome any advice on how to find the good ones. Is it the wrong time of the year to look? Or is it just a matter of being patient, the right one will turn up eventually.
  2. Be patient, be fussy about the condtion of everything, maybe bend on the interior if a good one comes up.
    You might have to look at lots, or not. That's down to chance.
  3. Be patient and you'll find what you want . Some as you say are described badly by sellers, but that's the same with anything you try to buy. As for the price , they are all over priced from the rusty project buses to the mint show winners .They are crazy money for what you actually end up with . Good luck with the search , let us know when you get one .
  4. ^^^^what they said plus you will hear some say the right bus will find you.
    Thought that bit was a bit daft, but the bus I have I saw about 4 months before I bought it. I loved it as soon as I saw it but it was not as good as I would have liked it. The guy selling always planned to respray it and fit new seals etc., so I carried on looking. I saw some very nice vans, and some not so nice but I always came back to the one I have now. I do not know why because it is not perfect, but it did feel 'right'. Soppy old git I am.
    And be prepared to travel.
    Good luck in the search.
  5. I'll just keep trawling eBay, Gumtree, classifieds, forums and websites every evening and hopefully something will turn up.
  6. just be aware of the scammers on ebay/gumtree/pistonheads - there seems to be a lot of dodgy ads around, ask on here for advice & you'll be good ;D
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  7. Also depends on budget and if you want to do work yrself or take on a perfect van :)
  8. Whats your budget ,as what your looking for might not be realistic?
  9. Terrordales

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    Patience is the key & persistance.
    Get to know some of your local VW mechanics, they often hear of things long before the van is ever advertised.
    When the right one appears don't delay get straight in there, I speak from experience having missed out on 2 original panel vans through procrastination.
  11. Budget is reasonable, not at level that some places are asking for Australian import vans, but not that far off.
    I've phoned a few of the camper garages and let them know what I was looking for as well.
    Thanks for all the advice and I'm sure, eventually, something will turn up.
  12. I had the same problem, looked at some monsters, full of bodge and shipyard welding. That feeling of disappointment when you drive back home from looking at a shed is awful. In the end, i bought a bus without seeing it on the back of a word of mouth recommendation from someone who knew someone and it sort of worked out. Had to buy an import and restore it (and there began a journey of discovery, burnt fingers and frustration) but in the end got what I wanted. widen your search, lower your expectations and the bus will find you. :thumbsup:
  13. Have you thought about LHD and getting a conversion to RHD.

    Driving LHD aint that bad, if thats ya reason for RHD, try one I even got me Doris drivin now.

    Definately chat'in with ya local Dub garages is worth it

    Good luck
  14. Yes, spoke to a couple of garages and got an idea of the cost of a conversion. So, going to consider LHDs as well now. If I find a good LHD, I can always try it for a while and get it converted at a later date.
  15. LHD is no problem to drive. The cost to transfer to RHD is ridiculous and for what?? There is no benefit.
  16. Baysearcher

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    There's a benefit if he wants a right hooker. After all, we do drive on the left in this country...
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  17. I was lucky, I bought the 2nd one I viewed. However I saw it on ebay before and 'watched' it. The sale ended and I forgot about it went to view another which the photos showed as being immaculate and stunning for a 5 figure price which turned out to be a rusty pile of poo. Got some snipy digs around wouldnt find better for the price when I said no. I then saw the other one still in my watched items as bidding ended with no sale and the guys no was on it so I called him and he had taken it off sale as he was getting low offers but agreed I could view it. It was in a much greater.condition than the first for a similar price and I bought it.

    I was lucky but what I learnt from the first viewing is never ever buy just from photos always view it first as those photos showed an immaculate van but in reality it was a rust heap with doors falling off and rust water running out the headlights. Its amazing what a quick wash and a flash can hide.
  18. Only benefit for RHD is for seeing past to overtake?
  19. Baysearcher

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    Firstly of course there's the fact he wants a right hand drive...
    Being in the optimum driving position at junctions, slip-roads etc.
    Drive-thru's will be a pain in the ass.
    And sitting in the right place for toll machines, toll booths, ticket machines etc.
    I appreciate its not a big deal but it gets on my tits that as soon as someone asks for a right hooker the import brigade try and persuade them left is fine....
  20. He seems to be looking for the perfect van, the perfect van for him might turn out to be LHD. I was originally against LHD but then found mine which was just the job and turned out to be LHD. I was merely trying to say look at them both.

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