Horn beeps when turning

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  1. The horn beeps when I strain on the steering wheel to turn it when the vans stationary. Ok when moving as it's takes less force. Just what you need when you busting a blood vessel try to narrow park and you've fitted an air horn.

    Popped the horn out and the central contact ring is positioned centrally, so not visibly earthing the sides.

    I can move the steering wheel up down side to side about 3mm, is this typical?
  2. I had this on a bus..it is probably the earth strap at the bottom of the steering column..you can just about get to it by removing the domed cover on the cab floor that sits at the bottom of the steering column and sliding it up a bit. But it's a bit tight.
    You should hopefully see what's fouling.
  3. I'll have a look at that.
    I was think it might have been because one of the bearings was worn.
    Is that a normal amount of movement?
  4. May be the inner column shorting on the outer column tube. Can happen if the bottom of the column's been kicked. Not VW's best design.
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  5. Partially worn insulating washer for steering column.
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  6. Where's that located?
    Plastic ring at the bottom of the outer tube to the upsidedown saucer looks ok, is that it.
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  7. When I got my bus it did this. Do you have a significant gap between the steering wheel and the mechanism below. If so, it might work better if you removed the shear bolt and slid the mechanism up some more. Replace with an allen bolt. For me the brass strip under the wheel was getting mangled.
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  8. T
    That's the one.
  9. My first car, a 1965 Triumph Herald, used to do that.
    On trip loaded with mates to London once, when you could do such things, not only was the horn beeping incessantly whilst 'flying' round Marble Arch roundabout, but the passenger door flew open at the same time.
    I unhappily carried the nickname 'Coco' for a bit after that.
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  10. davidoft

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    COCO , this ones got legs too, oooooo the permutations of clown names, clown related regalia and associated articles, I’m turning my form button to ON! :D
  11. :p
    I've got way more material on you!
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  12. I still remember gunning it in on the A4 to pick up my girlfriend at Paddington, using the 70mph between traffic lights as being the second harmonic solution to the 30mph "green wave" when I got to a junction where the lights were out. Couldnt stop went through a gap between cars doing the same but at 90 degrees to my road.. Good old Morris Marina..

    I can also remember getting up to about 60mph at Marble Arch to get round a "bendy bus" that threatened to cut me off from the ??Edgware Road..
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  13. A more sensible reply is that a large bunch of keys and worn paint on the column can also act as a short between the outside of the column (which if grounded sounds the horn) and the earthed inside of the column (keys in lock) or other earthed metalware around the column.
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  14. That reply surely needs an ....ask me how I know....... on the end.....
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  15. Yep, know that one - took ages to work out why horn used to sound when using van for work, but not other times! Turned out it was the extra keys I took to work!

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