Hook up socket advice please.

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  1. Ok. So after this weekend I have decided to put the hook up socket in the side of the bus. Currently it just trails through the side door.

    So, where is the best place to cut the hole? Best tools for the job. We are RHD. Also we have a 72 bus with a fuel filler flap.

    where has everyone fitted theirs?
  2. We put our socket on the rear jacking point. Sorry don’t have a pic but I think a lot have fitted theirs around the same location. ie no cutting.
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  3. Mines in the side because that’s where Westphalia put it but I wouldn’t cut a hole if I was starting fresh. I’ve seen them under the floor or inside the engine bay. You can buy sockets that bolt on to a flat surface.
  4. I like the idea of putting it under the bus. does it stay dry though? I have a socket for a flush fitting.
  5. Put it in the engine bay, leave the lid ajar, electrix stay dry, no holes - winnah.
  6. Anyone got a pic of the socket in these two places?
    engine Bay
    Rear jacking point?
  7. Underneath on the floor between the jacking point and the next outrigger.

    It doesnt get very wet but may need replacing every 5 years when the spring on the cover gets corroded and needs help.

    After a while you can easily find it without looking just reaching under the sill.

    Then you can keep the engine bay shut amd you cant see the hookup at other times.
    Next replacement I am going to also wire an outlet socket from my inverter so I dont have to trail a power outlet lead out through the window when I run a strimmer down the allotment.
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  8. Fitted mine in the engine bay...

    mat 015.JPG

  9. Mine is fastened to the rear bumper on the right hand side of centre....there was a single hole underneath which I utilised.
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  10. Don't suppose you have a pic?
  11. Behind front mudflap on the underneath
  12. Rear jacking point for the win.
    • Don't need a socking great hole in the side
    • Don't need to leave the engine hatch open
    • Doesn't get dirty (use a socket with a spring cover on it)
    • Cable comes into bus under rear seat or thereabouts - no need to find a way through firewall, fuel tank etc
    • All you need is a small kneeling mat to use when plugging in - also useful for pegging the awning etc.
    What more can I say?
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  13. Anyone got a good picture of the socket mounted on the rear jacking point? I have ordered one of these s-l500.jpg
  14. It can go either in the engine bay or under the bus
  15. Mine comes in through the drivers door and docks on the top of the westy wardrobe.
    Access is through a secure louvered grill suitably drilled and grommeted...
    RCD is in the pantry.....
    2015-10-20 15.46.16.jpg
    wiring through the wardrobe.

    2015-10-20 15.52.03.jpg
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  16. Photos of my mains socket....a doddle to get to ![​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. +1 for engine bay. Keeps it away from the elements.
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  19. photostudio_1560255187574.jpg
    Here's mine. It all needs a good clean underneath!
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