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    Hoping to have a little jaunt to Holland & Belgium this summer

    I'm looking for recommendations on places to visit, must do activities & campsites that you've stayed at please.

    We will be definitely be visiting cities and towns on the trip, but on the whole I prefer nature, water and open spaces. I prefer a simple field with basic facilities to a regimented style of campsite, but I know that won't always be an option!

    I'm updating my original post with some of the recommendations - so its easier to find when I'm there!

    The Netherlands
    Broad plan is to get the ferry to the Hook of Holland
    Perhaps stay in Delft, visit Rotterdam & The Hague
    Leyden has been recommended to us?


    or by the beach at Zaandvort and got a train into Amsterdam

    Edam -Volendam? - Volendam is a nice fishing town worth a visit


    Any must sees in The Netherlands - @Sick Boy John any suggestions?

    For a amazing art place set in a forest this is a good place to go

    Bruges is on the list but where else should we be heading to in Belgium?
    Camping Memling about 2 miles to Bruges http://www.brugescamping.be/en/home
    You must do Brugee we have stayed at this site and got the bus in so you can try the beers

    Antwerp: lovely old town, nice docks, oldest frites shop in belgium and home of The Joker bar

    We will probably stop off in a a few places in France on the way back to Blighty.
    Dunkirk coast etc

    Big family site with all the whistles and bells but well run and half an hour from Calais and Dunkirk - great if you need a night or two near the ports . Great V2 site musee next door

    So hit me up with your recommendations please people.

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  2. Antwerp, lovely old town, nice docks, oldest frites shop in belgium and home of The Joker bar, oooooooooohhhh the joker bar , what a place
  3. Dont go to France thats where everybody breaks down !
  4. National Belgium day in Brussels, around the end of July I think.

    Also TTB day if they still do it - trains, trams and buses, one ticket, 24 hours to travel to as many places as possible and meeting lots of folk doing the same thing! It’s exhausting but sooooo much fun! :D

    Ghent is lovely and I liked Charleroi but it was a while ago. Brussels for breakfast before all the tourists arrive :D
  5. Thanks

    Keep the suggestions coming
  6. What happens at the joker bar?
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  7. stays at the joker bar
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  8. Ask Colin Farrel ;)
    Edit: about Bruges, not the joker bar ...
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  9. ... Vondelpark on a Sunday in Amsterdam if space cake is your thing.
    Lots of family picnics.
    The two are apparently not mutually exclusive ...
    City as a whole used to be pickpocket central but might be better these days. Basically, if there are street musicians or entertainers, there'll be Oliver Twists about as well.
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  10. Is efteling still going? I went there at least fifty years ago, great place
  11. I try avoid staying in cities but would deffo stay again if i was Amsterdam bound ....


    Great location on the outskirts of Amsterdam and at the end of a metro line into the centre , more`s the point it seemed very secure - a valid consideration in Amsterdam .

    I tend not to book campsites in advance unless i have a specific reason to be there , i just drive until i get somewhere i like the look of and start looking for a local` camping` . Not everones idea of a holiday but i like the freedom .

    Ended up in Colditz one night , i kid you not :D

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  12. Totally agree train ride into downtown Amsterdam and a secure site. :thumbsup:
    Only stayed 2 nights but good enough get the vibe..the canal boat trips beggar belief!
    Beware of the bicycles and their randometry.
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  15. Betty’s sons just come back from duinrell in Holland Wassenaar, great place for the kids .
  16. Brussels was great years ago not so much now, my van came from there by the way
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  17. I can’t really recommend anywhere in Holland - the last time I went there we got some smoke in Amsterdam, had a whitey in McDonald’s and then got back to the campsite miles away, had another spliff, and ran around confused into a volley ball net and hid in the tent for what seemed like a week. We were on a Scout trip...
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Ha ha ha I forgot about the volleyball net!

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