Hi! from Dorset

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  1. Welcome from another part of Dorset!
  2. Only 20 mins from me, so if you need a second set of hands for anything gimme a shout!
    As an aside if you're after some workshop space I now have room in my unit out near Wimborne if you're interested.
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  3. Hello from another newbie. Have fun with your build!
  4. Hi. I'm ilminster too. Small world.
    Just bought a '76 jaffa beauty..

    Phil 20190908_193543.jpg
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  6. Amazing!! If you ever wish to feel better anytime.. just swing by my place and see how much work ive got on to get Ted back on the road.

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  7. Where abouts are you? I'm just down from stonemasons. Love to pop round and chat.. see what you're up to

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