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  1. Hi All,

    I got my bus a few years back as it was going cheap and had a wonderful dream. However life got in the way but now I am in the position to finally make that dream come true. :) So thought I should introduce myself as I expect I will be asking questions in the future, and also going to start a build thread to share with everyone.

    Thanks for having me :)
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  2. Hello and welcome.. newbie here too.. good luck with the project.. from sunny Ilminster...

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  3. bernjb56

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    Welcome along - looking forward to the build thread :thumbsup:
  4. davidoft

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  5. Welcome along from a not so sunny Poole, Dorset. Where about's in Dorset are you based?
  6. A wash? Isn’t that what they call patina these days :eek:

    Welcome to the forum Dami
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  7. Howdy! :)
  8. A warm welcome from a very posh East Grinstead:thumbsup:
  9. Hi and welcome from a pulled a sickie today Merseyside :oops:
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  10. Hello and welcome to from Tufty :)
  11. Hello and welcome
    You've come to the right place
    There's some fantastic people on here they've helped me along too

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  12. Hello, from Dorset too
  13. Hi from West Lancashire
  14. Terrordales

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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent
  15. Hello from a bit further east in the New Forest :)
    Whereabouts in Dorset do you lurk?
  16. Hello and welcome from Somerset

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  17. Welcome from south Somerset, 5 miles as the crow flies from Dorset.
  18. Dubs

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    Welcome, have fun with the project! :thumbsup:
  19. Welcome, to the mad house.
  20. Thanks all for the warm welcome :)
    JamesLey and Scrooge I am in Christchurch.
    Can't wait to get started - will post when I do!
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