Hi all from newbie camper owner (in dire need of a bit of advice)

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  1. Nope! If you read back, neither showed any interest at all. Unbelievable! Latest advice from local councillor? "It obviously happened a long time ago, nobody is bothered. Why can't you just let it go?" :mad:
  2. Police are happy, and incredibly the insurers are happy. Does this mean you've got the choice of either registration ? You certainly weren't gonna take any prisoners, I bet the police enter details for your van on their computers ' Avoid at all costs '
  3. This sounds too weird.... If I were to ring a vehicle I bet I'd get done for it...
  4. Baysearcher

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    Very strange.
    Bizarre that the Feds aren't interested and even more bizarre that the insurers aren't either. I'll be amazed if they didn't squirm should you be in an accident! In the real world, your '79 isn't insured and it presumably isn't on the MID database.
    Just be ruthless in keeping all correspondence you have had with anybody, as however much everyone wants to avoid the subject, your bus is a ringer.
  5. Put it this way - if the insurers turned round and tried to avoid paying out due to the covenance of the van being disputed, then any small claims court or civil court should find for you as having explored every avenue to ensure that you were covered. Alongside this, is this thread, which also acts as an online back up of everything that has happened. Glad everything has worked out for you. Now get camping......
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    ^^^ that's probably correct. However, I for one wouldn't want the potential hassle.
    I'd seriously be looking at trading standards and a report of fraud to the police. At the end of the day you've been sold a pup.
  7. wow just read it from the start

    I some ways lucky you
    after all your hard work trying to do the right thing you are still able to drive a 79 bus tax free with the police and insurance approval.

    I would just get on and enjoy your van.
  8. I think i'd still get it put back as the '79. Attractive as free road tax is, if you ever sell the van, any buyer who's done their research will realise it's not a '72 and run a mile. Good to get confirmation from the insurance company anyway, at least you can drive it again. ;D
  9. Have a bit of a problem with that - DVLA won't let me have the V5 without a vin number! Also, say I was somehow able to find out the vin number for the 79 (which of course the police could do but they won't because they obviously think I'm off my rocker and just creating work for them), would I be able to obliterate the vin number of the 72 and get a new vin plate welded in to the engine bay?
  10. Herein lies a valuable lesson to us all (wot is that then Dicky). All you Late Bayers have to do is buy yourself a knacker of an prototype, ring your bus and no-one gives a monkeys. Im off to find a completely kippered pre 60 splitty to ring my Bay to avoid the MOT!
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  11. Sorry, i obviously didn't make this clear earlier.Your vin number is included on the m plate. It's the 8 numbers in the top left corner. Plus an extra '22' at the begining. so your vin number for the '79 is:
  12. Sod it, run it as a tax free 72 as the Feds are fine with that, when you come to sell put it back on the 79 plates and you got a legit sale
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    i have to admire you for continuing, but you got enough evidence to back you up that you've been told it's ok to run for FREE as a 72 now, why would you want to pay £215 a year ( increading £10 every year ) just for principle? keep all corespondence and sod it.
  14. Baysearcher

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    The tax people haven't (and won't) say it's ok to run it as tax free.
  16. Nobody cares coz it ain't stolen. Top tip for avoiding tax...
  17. At this point I would print everything off, put it safely in a file with all the other info and just get on with using it. You will need to take this into account if selling but Ive had my current bus for 17 years and I aint selling that so it wouldnt matter a jot to me. Youve done all thats reasonable IMHO!
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    You could phone the police or DVLA and report yourself for running a non tax exempt bus as tax exempt. Then, when they turn up, hand them transcripts of your conversations with their colleagues to prove you've been trying to sort it.
  19. Glad its turned out OK :thumbsup:
  20. This is unbelievable, yet unsurprising as well. You couldn't have done any more. At this point if I were you I'd say say (I'm not allowed to swear on here) them all. You have both titles? Sorn the tax payer, run it as the 72, and tax the tax payer before you sell it. Nobody seems to give a monkeys. Incredible, but true.

    The sports centre opposite was broken into so I called the cops as the alarm was going off and miscreants were clearly visile robbing the place. The cop-shop is 100m away. They did nothing, but waited until next day and spent hours going door to door. When they asked me I thought (I'm not allowed to swear) em, and said I'd seen and heard nothing. I'd done my best, they didn't bother - proably claim they didn't have the manpower but they wasted far more the next day. One can only conclude they are running scrared of any confrontation with anyone unless armed and behind a riot shield.

    Thank you.

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