Hi all from newbie camper owner (in dire need of a bit of advice)

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  1. Dying to see what's under that filler!
    BTW that M Plate could be alright to leave. If the real factory VIN is on it then the added one is just graffiti.

    Anyway, looks like you got yourself a bus O0

  2. Did you buy it locally? I can't believe the police are trying so very hard not to take it on? Perhaps they are friendly with the seller who's probably an informer or something so they protect him. I honestly can't think of anything else. Perhaps you should have chipped the number off the back while they were there.

    The bloke you got it from didn't do the ringing unless he's had it for years - the rear one is certainly done many years ago as the rust behind is puching the filler out, so maybe you're chasing the wrong crook?

    Moons can seem a bit harsh and I've never met moons, but I think his advice throughout this thread is spot on.

    I can also see the Congi side (he's from Manchester where car crime is a away of life and such things as this are laughable triffles :) ) but what be alright for him isn't perhaps good avice for others.

    Welcome to TLB BTW - another vote for best introduction. :thumbsup:
  3. MaBlimey - hats off to you - it's very obvious you're trying, against police advice, to sort it out. A wise move because they'll change their minds a quick as you like if it suits them by simply saying you were initially given the wrong advice.
  4. It's not filler! It's metal - and it looks like it's not a grafted on bit either??? It's been bashed about all around and there's a sort of little slice on the left hand side. Think I'm going to have to Nitromors it or something. It looks like if the original number was raised rather than stamped, he's sanded it down, then made a small cut to get something solid in and stamped the new number against that. The bit that the number is stamped in though is one solid piece, the same bit of metal as carries on round the side. Any ideas? I'm just going to try and get the paint off. Cx
    @Zed: Two lots of different police have actually been round and seen the van and I've pointed out all the 72/79 anomalies, it's unbelievable that they won't take it any further.
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    I can't imagine your insurers sending anyone out to check it to be honest.
  6. Do you think they might just say "okay you're not insured until you get it sorted"?
  7. Well, however the rear was done it's all wrong - the numbers are always neat and straight and in line with the horizontal. But you already know that. I would imagine they stamped a plate themselves. Didn't I read earlier it seemed both buses were on the road still after the swap or did I imagine that?
  10. I have a good feeling it's all going to have a happy ending. :)

    You'll have noticed the Karma. Here on TLB we think karma is real (well I do anyway and I think with good reason lol). Your karma points aren't actual real karma obviously but they are a reflection on the real good karma you're building up - 1 karma point for every 3 posts must be a record. 8)

    I love this place. :)
  11. Your vin number should have a star stamped at the beggining and end of it

    This is to help stop people tampering with it by adding a number on the end or beggining of the original vin

    The vin in your engine bay has been stamped with engineers hand punches and poorly at that

    I think the insurance company will just void your insurance and tell you to contact the police

    A call to the aa if your a member with them may be a good idea
  12. Oh bum holes! I'm running out of people to try and involve. The DVLA won't talk to me. I've sent in the forms to ask for former keepers list of each van so that I can maybe get some answers. I really want to find out which insurance company wrote the 79 off. Then at least I could start from there. Anyone got any ideas how I could find that out? Sorry, this is becoming a real pain I know . Cx
  13. I might have missed this earlier, but i'm guessing the chassis plate behind the drivers seat is gone?
  14. There's nothing behind the drivers seat, (well not that is immediately obvious). I did read somewhere, I think I've saved it somewhere on my desktop that there was a year or two where the chassis plate or m-plate was moved to the nearside front near the air duct (which is where mine is)
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    either or, yours is on the ducting so it won't be on the seat bulkhead.
  17. poor you, banging your head against a brick wall :(
    what is wrong with people? if you had a bump they would throw the book at you, void your insurance and you would be left with no bus and no money. it amazes me that the police and dvla are so uninterested when you are trying to do the right thing and make sure you are all legal
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    How i see it ,

    Someone sold you a ringer , someone sold them the ringer , someone made the ringer - the police have a duty to investigate this , probably can't get the go ahead from above because of funding and little chance of a arrest , probably not in their area either so it would involve travel and expense .

    You know its wrong , they now know its wrong :but, they are never going to do anything unless pushed .

    Go to your local mp , he will have to listen to you , and at the very least obtain and explain the reasons why they won't do anything , contact your insurance company again , ask to speak to a manager , expain your concerns about insurance validity and the outcome of a possible claim , ask him for his response in writing .
  19. There should be two seperate plates, a chassis or vin plate behind the right hand seat, and the m plate behind the left hand seat or near the fuse box on 77-79 buses.
    As aussie bay and moons said, don't drive it. It's neglegent for the police to not investigate this properly, because you know the insurance company would in the case of an accident and they'd do anything to avoid a payout.
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    Welcome to the site caro. I'm not qualified to offer any advice so I'll just wish you all the best and hope you get it sorted soon so you can go camping in it.

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