Henry as well as all the others..

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  1. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Wheat, barley, sunflowers and corn for the cattle all with in a stones throw from ours.
  2. It was raining today....I was due to paint someone house ....:rolleyes:

    Decided to bring to pickup inside.....


    reversing with a pickup behind is tricky.....


    I was thinking will he get in ? did I do my measurements correct?




    The engine started first time....:thumbsup:

    Did it heck :rolleyes::rolleyes: I was getting juice to the points, but they was not sparking when engine was turning ,but when I touched them open there was power....:thinking:

    I took the dizzy out ,emery the contacts and on the bench took a long wire from the coil and earthed the dizzy still no spark when I turned the cam......:thinking:

    wd40 the dizzy and went for a cup of coffee....Turned power on and a spark every turn....:chewie:

    Put it back in and it started...:hattip:

    Left it running for 10 minutes and nearly gassed myself but no oil leaks...:thumbsup:

    I hope it rains tomorrow.....

    I fixed vans because I needed them ,this one is a hobby, which makes it different ,more enjoyable and no pressure..

    I am going the scrap the dropsides and make wood ones ,anything else I will make up as I go....:gnome:
  3. I did rain....:beer:

    I was a bit reluctant to do the pickup because a few thing that might cost me ,the battery light kept flickering and stayed on and the wipers found it hard going...:rolleyes:

    Anyway I put it all together [back ends spring plates driveshafts] got in ready to drive it and noticed clutch was down to the floor....:rolleyes:

    I cut the clutch cable from the old axle :rolleyes: anyway while I was down there I noticed the gearbox earth lead was just hanging ,did it up and voilla the battery light went out and the wipers are full power again ,a school boy error...:rolleyes:

    I also checked the wheel geometry and the back wheels are spot on with the front ,more luck than judgement I think....:D

    I have lost a few bolts/nuts ,emptied all my boxes out..


    I had to put the hex`s back on the driveshafts with a bit of modification....;)


    pretty happy chap tonight...:burp:
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  4. Good work. :thumbsup:
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  5. Made a tiny inspection hatch for easy working on the engine....


    you cannot leave me unsupervised with a angle grinder....:rolleyes:
  6. A quick vacuum round in there and it'll be good to go. :thumbsup:
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  7. there is loads of space under ....


    I cannot wait to make stuff to fit in ,boxes,spare wheel ,machine gun...etc
  8. I don't suppose there's any reason you couldn't just screw a sheet of ply on there?
  9. No reason at all ,just having a good experiment where I can locate stuff...See where the hammer is, there is two boxes [one either side] not structural maybe cut them out and put a spare wheel in ,plus the petrol tank has a massive gap to the engine maybe relocate that ....:thinking:

    At the end of the day I need to decided what I want to use it for....recreation ,work, garden object...:D
  10. well cracked on removing all the floors...


    I noticed the original rubber on Henrys windscreen was looking rubbish ,decided as I was passing to cut it off....


    wahoooooo just surface rust....

    Inside it is like new...




    There is life in the old dog yet....:thumbsup:
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  11. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Looked ready for the scrap man when I visited earlier but then I like wood better then metal.

    That was was some mighty fine cake you baked by the way sir.
  12. Me bake...:lol: you have a lot to learn young Jedi...:D
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  13. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Master you must learn me all.
  14. You goone paint it back to its original neptun blue ?
  15. Im looking forward to seeing the wooden drop sides:thumbsup:
  16. one day ,i really like nepture blue I must have been on acid when I painted it green...:D

    Trouble is if I make it super nice I will not be relaxed about owning it ,the rear bumper has buried itself in the rear panel ,I like things like that..The luxury of leaving the keys in the ignition is really nice...If there was ever a vehicle made for me this comes super close...:thumbsup:

    All this effort is just to stop stuff leaking through the flatbed onto my newish engine...

    All my other campers were probably money making exercises soon as I painted them they were like a hot potatoes ,although I had lots of fun in them...:cool:

    Just seen the price of a glovebox liner ,I guess it is make a do time again...:thinking:
  17. guess what I made....:lol:


    I am having problems straightening the top outriggers , every time I jack underneath the weld pop`s off the chassis bit...:thinking: might have to change them all..:mad:
  18. Is it a glove box liner?
  19. ay ,did think of making it from metal....:rolleyes:


    Cardboard is`nt built to last....

    what would you do with the sagging deck?
  20. Weld them on better?

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