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Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Lurcie, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Any gearbox as long as it fits a 1800 type 4.... mine is buggered!!

    Based in the Midlands and can collect!

    Doesn't have to be perfect, just last as a temporary measure.
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  3. Flakey

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    Any of the boxes will fit as long as you retain your bellhousing and input shaft!
  4. Great thanks anything will do! Mine is well and truly broke and my van is stuck at the MOT mans yard. It's almost like it's stuck in gear.
  5. I have three ... all 3 rib.
    Two unknown spares are CE code and have "beetle" bell housings.
    The third one, on the bus, that's about to get the treatment or replaced/exchanged is a CA code. (Earlier?)
    Anyway it's not clear just yet whether all three will go into to an exchange for one reconditioned 5 rib, or just two with the third being kept back to be rebuilt if necessary for bus number two ........
    My point?
    Not sure yet I can help. :(
    Got a rough budget?
  6. No idea on budget, but happy to part ex what I have now, which if I had the bus at my house I would tell you the code.

    I just need something that works.
  7. just like i said, once they go they really go.
  8. Yeah.. just wish it had gone at my home and not 19 mile away in an mot garage!!
  9. I'm in the midlands and had mine rebuilt by a local guy at Lye near Stourbridge he has rebuilt 3 boxes for various cars for me over the last 20 years PM me if you would like the details.
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  10. What has happened to it to cause it to suddenly fail whilst at the MOT centre? Is it the gear box that is broken or something to do with the clutch? When mine couldn't / wouldn't go into gear one of the problems turned out to be the bowden tube (through which the clutch cable is kinked prior to it attaching to the clutch lever on the gear box) was split. One new tube later and all was well. :)

    Also, I seem to remember reading something on here about the plate below the gear stick getting bent on some peoples vans causing a similar issue of not being able to change gear / being stuck in second @Flakey had a solution for that IIRC (?)

    Just a few suggestions....
  11. Flakey

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    Quite possible it's the C bracket or the hockey stick broken in the nose cone, fairly straightforward fix!
    was the gearbox noisy before, has one of the ham fisted MOT guys rammed it into reverse?
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  12. No problem with it before. It drove sweet as a button to the mechanic. The mechanic drove it to the MOT centre and said it drove fine until he got to just near the MOT centre and then said it started to become very noisy...

    The MOT centre then called the mechanic and said they wouldnt move it because in there words it is like it is sticking in between 2 gears. I said I would go and tow it back but they said it can't be towed because it won't come out of gear!!!

    I go on holiday Monday morning and face leaving my pride and joy at the MOT centre. Albeit the mechanic has said he can have someone up there to drop and fit a gearbox if we can find one...
  13. Baysearcher

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    Dunc is having your old one!
  14. Your gearbox may well be fcuked up but before they swap it, ask them to try going in through the filler plug hole with a flat screwdriver and lever it manually into neutral (back towards the bell housing).
    It might not work or it might just get you mobile enough to get it MOT'd and home before it happens again but then again it may free it up and carry on for years (this was the case on a friends type 1)

    Google stuck in 2nd gear and you will probably find some info
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  15. Ahh, I thought you had one left over from your conversion too.
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  17. Great thanks guys much appreciated
  18. Baysearcher

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    Sold that one to some guy in Kent

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