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  1. Hi,
    Not got a bay yet but hopefully, VERY soon, I'll have a double cab pick up so I'll more than likely be asking all those stupid newbie questions soon!
    For now I'll be lurking and trying to increase my knowledge of these buses.
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  3. Have you any pictures of the van ?
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  4. Welcome aboard the fun bus!
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    Welcome along :hattip:
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  7. Hi Mark,

    You joined us :)

    As I mentioned over on thesamba, shout up if you need and advice, there is an abundance of knowledge here as well as over on thesamba!
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  8. Welcome from sunniest Barnsley :hattip:
  9. Hello and welcome from the beautifully sunny new forest :)
  10. Welcome from Sunny Suffolk :)
  11. welcome along , where's yours comming from?...

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