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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by LewBLew, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Cheers, yes I agree I shouldn't rush or be scared of travelling a little while. I am pretty fussy so not looking for the mediocre :)

    I quite like this one, which is only about 1.5 hours from me:


    Seems largely rust-free (ok I agree none will be totally free of the tin worm) and a blank canvas interior wise. The guy selling it is advertising on behalf of a customer who is ill, but it will come with full MOT. Interesting story, would want to find out more.. It's been advertised for 2 months and is still available.
  2. i think you could find one with a fuller interior for that price, i think anyway lol
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  3. It's a tin top microbus so not fantastic for camping without spending on a conversion.... :)
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    I think if you are wanting ballsing about time with one of these then fair enough - but you do have enough money to not buy one that needs that.

    With a bit of searching you can get one you simply drive and use, with some fettling/upkeep. If you want one which you can stamp your personality on, then buy cheaper by all means. The best bus you can get for £12k should have an interior in the least.

    I owned a few classic Mini's - this is ballsing about on a whole different level if you buy a bad one believe me.
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  5. Anyone gone far to get their perfect van?

    California, Italy and Dagenham.
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  6. Be careful - Some work required on bodywork/doors to bring back to pristine condition
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  7. Fair enough. I will keep searching. Hopefully a bus will find me.... And I know very much what you mean about ballsing about with Minis! I definitely don't want to go down that route with a bus :eek:

    Right, here is an example I of exactly what I'm looking for, but needs to be £3k cheaper!


    It's even the perfect colour.
  8. front flip roofs have a smaller bed up top that rear openning ones due to where the roof hole is, it will take going to see one, dont feel bad about going to see one and not buying it, its a lot of money and you need to be sure!

    WARNING! getting such an original unmolested bus, then modding it to your tastes, may make the purists shudder and you may get grief. saying that, its your bus do what ever the hell you want to it....within reason...;)
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    If you want completely original, that is worth the money - but as @brucieboy it would be hard to change that as it looks timewarp and that's where it's value is.
  10. I certainly wouldn't alter that one, it's perfect for my needs (apart from perhaps the flip front roof now you mention it) and I'm all for restoring vehicles to their original condition. I've done it with my Mini and a few Capris in the past.

    But I don't want to pay a premium for an original/1-owner from new bus if I don't need to. So the search continues.... :)
  11. Volksworld at Ascot Racecourse is on at the end of March and there will be loads of stuff there for you to have a good look over. It's only a trip up the A3 for you as a day out. If the weather is rubbish wrap up though as it's very exposed and most of it is outside. There is stuff for sale there too.

    I bought a 1972 Devon Moonraker and am not too far from you if you want to take a look over it for an idea of space. The up top hammock beds in the pop top are tiny and really only suitable for sound sleeping small children IMHO, however there is a fairly nifty and cheapish mod you can do to convert it to a flat bed suitable for two younger children (up to early teens I'd guess).

    Depending on when you need it for and what you want to do yourself it's definitely worth taking your time and getting an idea of all the costs. Interiors can be got quite reasonably if you're not too fussy about authenticity or being sappley. It's really the bones of the bus and the engine that you need to be so careful with as many are wolves in sheep's clothing!!

    LOL! Sw@nky has been edited on the swear filter......I wasn't being rude, honest!!
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  12. Ive slept in the hammock before lol, 6 ft long and take my weight fine, and bloody comfy too! bit narrow but after many beers you dont notice.
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  13. It's perfect in every way... except LHD!! :( And they're reduced it by a grand on their own website :(
  14. Lhd isn't an issue x ahhh sell one of your kids and you can drive off with this beauty ;) ha x
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  15. Speak for yourself. I've got the joker image in my rear windows so you'll recognise the LHD camper which just went blatting past you!

    I think camper owners need to grow some balls
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  17. Don't talk about Brasilian bays in here mate, you'll get lynched
  18. That sounds familiar, 'selling on behalf of a friend... '
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    Needs superficial bodywork, just needs tidying, some bubbling, paint needs some TLC - run away!!!!

    These are buses where the owner has realised they bought mutton dressed as lamb and getting out while they still have something to sell so they can get a good one.

    Change in circumstances, new baby forces sale... Pull the other one. :)

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