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  1. Hello,
    My partner and I purchased a 1972 Devon ( crossdresser ) camper a year ago. I owned a couple of Beetles about 35 years and generally like old cars and motorcycles.
    I am looking for a good mechanic/garage not too far from N16, we have an oil leak that I believe could be from the oil cooler or pushrod tubes. Any suggestions.
  2. welcome along

    No idea of N. London mechanic/garage, but no doubt one of the London lot will be along at somepoint
  3. Im sure the East Grinstead massif will offer sage advice...…………….or just advice in general :D

    Welcome from up north in Sunny Notts!
  4. Hello again,
    Just re-read my post, and thanks to auto-correct our van is now a cross-
    dresser rather than cross-over. Also should read 35 years ago !
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  5. Day

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    Put something underneath to catch the drips.
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  6. Day

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    Hi. By the way from the sunny Italian Alps
  7. Merlin Cat

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    Hello from northern Sheffield:)

  8. hello from west yorkshire :)
  9. Hello and welcome from way down south in the strange pointy bit of Hampshire that probably should be Dorset :)
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  10. Hi, I have used Perry at Interwagens a few times. He is near Finsbury Park station. He did have a website but it does not come up any more. His number is 02075619554.
  11. Hi from West Lancashire
  12. Dubs

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  13. Poptop2

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    Some say ‘ if it doesn’t leak oil, someone has nicked your engine’ personally I think there could be one out there without a leak somewhere!

    Welcome ;)
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  14. Hello fellow Londoner although I escaped in 2004 ( too many ex wives in London) to East Grinstead, can’t help you with the mechanics in your neck of the woods but oil leaks are usually an easy fix
    North London, you’re not a, please tell me you’re not a spurs fan:eek:
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  15. Thank-you Fronkjunior I will check him out. Any other suggestions within Greater London still appreciated.

    Barry Haynes, put your mind at rest, I'm a Palace fan.

    Merlin Cat, I will post a photo of our van when I work out how to do it. ( ie I'll get my partner to help )
  16. As a fellow Palace aficionado, now residing in SE22 but formerly from north of the river, I would highly recommend James Wotton at VeeDub in Welling. He’s just offf the A2 so if you can get to Blackwall Tunnel it’d be relatively easy. He is an air cooled expert, has a late bay and drag races a beetle. The only ‘problem’ is that you have to go and see him, he doesn’t respond otherwise but once you’re in you won’t look back. Good luck
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  17. Wow, 2 Stripey Nigels on one thread! Come on you 'Orns
  18. guys in woodford westside motors did some work. i did have to re adjust my rear brakes after and they burred the bolts on me cv joints.
    vwdownunder on the a13 cocky lycheeer and v busy not cheap.
    or top fella out southend way harry harpics although very busy.

    hi by the way.

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