Heidi the Twin Slider Project (1975).

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  1. Right, after a good welcome in the intro threads here we go with the restoration..

    My wife and I bought the camper back in early October. She was a rolling shell with no engine or transmission. We already knew it was in a fairly bad way so planned a full bare metal restoration which got underway last week. The floors were already out so interior is somewhat limited/non-existant.

    We will be refurbing and keeping the Dormobile roof, looking to put a 3/4 Rock n Roll bed in and as many cleverly engineered cabinets as we can squeeze in plus a sink and fridge if possible whilst still maintaining both sliding doors. I've no idea if this is manageable but hopefully someone on here knows somebody who has done something similar in the past!

    Enough talking, PICTURES: Firstly, the camper as we bought it.

    18581560_1155849281193913_2935144585525597644_n.jpg 18486259_1155849284527246_2323767293429231825_n.jpg 18582373_1155849277860580_6177844744120437884_n.jpg
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  2. Some photos after prep before sandblasting last week.

    22766653_931163490373723_1417637574_o.jpg 22690713_931163430373729_855328723_o.jpg 22751452_931163403707065_604782123_o.jpg 22690396_931163357040403_1954446742_o.jpg 22713132_931163440373728_2087479426_o.jpg
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  4. Finally after Etch Primer.

    22711864_931163107040428_2135889555_o.jpg 22711733_931163050373767_2073963268_o.jpg 22766309_931163037040435_1928636998_o.jpg 22712746_931163090373763_303283966_o.jpg
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  5. Apologies for the glut of pictures but it was just easier to do them in a oner. Anyone have recommendations on the best places to shop around for replacement panels? I've obviously been keeping an eye on here and eBay but if people who have experience using the online suppliers or similar could shout up that would be great.
  6. Looks like you are very well organised. Good luck with the build.
  7. Cheaper in the long run to start with a better base vehicle ....after you replace 90%
  8. Good luck mate
    Alan schofield for panels in my opinion

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  9. Where's the fun in that though?!

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  10. Good luck with the project dude, keep the pics coming!
  11. Looking to fit some Porsche seats in after seeing similar things on here. Seen these on eBay, says from a 911. Are these likely to fit. Would be looking to reupholster them as well.

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    You'll be able to make them fit easy enough, hope they're cheap?
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  13. £100 but tbh I've been struggling to find any Porsche tombstone seats for less than £150 these are the cheapest I've come across.
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    That sounds ok, tatty trim but you're redoing that anyway :thumbsup:
  15. Mx5 seats are in a similar style and can be picked up on eBay quite a bit cheaper than Porsche tombstones, they also have speakers in the headrest which is handy
  16. Specific time period MX5 models, any idea what year yours are from? Thanks :)
  17. ...Let the welder, see the camper!

    On the rollover jig:




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  18. New jacking points and rear valance. Panel order from Schofield's with new front, deformation panel, rear valance, battery trays all arrived.



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  19. Progress to date posted. Still undecided on what the final colour will be. Also any recommendations on makes of 3/4 Rock n Roll Bed to look for. Aware of Rusty Lee and the Ezee beds by Madmatz..do people have feelings on which may be better or alternatives? Ideally a second hand one would be good as the new ones seem to cost muchos dollar!
  20. I like the look of the Ezeebed, looks easier to operate than my Rustylee bed which definitely isn't a 1 handed operation to return it to a seat!
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