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  1. :TTIWWP:
  2. Gusbus has the Just Kampers ply roof front to back.

    We didn’t use the J trim in the end we use carpet trim and self tapping screws to hold it all in place
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    I’ve got some J trim if you got hard headliner, I use white faced hard board, works a treat and cheap too :)
  4. I've seen them done with this ^^^
    Looks great, like a factory job. Also very cheap. You could afford to have a few goes.
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  5. I used hardboard after David suggested it to me. I used normal and painted a light coffee / magnolia as it would have been too white for my liking. All the rest in my westy is off white.
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    That’s just years of nicotine stains, smoke some ciggys for the authentic look ;)
  7. That's inspired, great idea
    Got any pic's Mick?
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    I’ve done quite a few like it, the boards really cheap, maybe £35 to do the whole thing, I’ll see if I have any pics
  9. [​IMG]

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  10. That is properly nice, did you have a template or are you a cabinet maker on the side?
  11. When did our cab roof, glued foil bubble to roof, then strips of stormguard door seals. 3mm ply on top and glued vinyl onto it then fitted. On edges tucked behind metal strip.
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  12. Hi ,how much is the "J" trim and could you post a close up pic please. I've decided to install a solid internal headliner 1/8 th hardboard and i'll cover in something . cheers :thumbsup:
  13. Got a ply template :)
  14. Instead of the J thingy,I used ceramic tiling strips with a chrome finish. You can get just about any colour of these you like. Secured them with PKs (selfies) and a few rivets once satisfied with positioning. I took the line of clips out in one piece with a Spotweld bit and have kept them in just case ;). The uncovered edge at the front is mostly hidden by the sunny visors and mirror. I then lined the ceiling/ roof area with 25mm celotex cut and shaped to the curve of the roof. My new liner is a pvc foamed 3mm sheet and fits perhaps a little bettererer than ply even bendy ply. I haven’t had my ceiling vinyl wrapped yet but the ceiling in my Poptop is done with a cracking Hawain sunrise / or set :) You can have anything you want on it too.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,, just leave that there then:);):)
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    Do you need enough for a whole van ? £10 a strip ( 4 for a whole van) plus post they are 6ft long so will have to get a price
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  17. I have fitted one of (Mrs) Diddymen's headliners to my cab and it is brilliant, easy to fit if you are patient and methodical and don't have a steaming hangover like I did!!
    I can't imagine a crew cab would be any more difficult, just use lots of pegs/clamps and the comprehensive instructions that come with Diddymen's kit and the job's a goodun!
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  18. Do you have any pic's ?
  19. Ok guys , over the last few sundays I’ve attempted to make my own headliner for the crewie ! It’s 3mm ply , covered in a black suede foam backed material and secured with 11 stainless screws and washers . It’s not A1 perfect , but would benefit from a trim around the edges ( next job ) . Plywood was free from timber merchants as the good grade ply that is delivered is always covered in a protected 2nd grade ply which is what I used . Material and trim bond was £40 screws I had . So a good alternative to a original headliner and bows etc at a few hundred pounds. Also prior to fitting I applied the acoustic foam to the underside of the roof which I purchased at Tatton Park last year !! All in all I’m pretty chuffed with the out come . IMG_7998.JPG IMG_7986.JPG IMG_8003.JPG IMG_8004.JPG

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    Nice job :thumbsup:
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