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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by grandmst, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. Hey all,

    I've been having a right nightmare with my brakes the last few weeks.

    I either have a working handbrake and binding brakes or perfect brakes and no handbrake.

    Looking into what makes up the handbrake mec I cannot for the life of me see an example of late bay rear drums with automatic adjusters for the spreader bar.

    Needles to say I've gone and bought the solid versions from just kampers to hopefully remedy this, as no matter how many times I adjust them or try to pre set the adjuster is just dosent work. I also think the cylinder is incorrect so will be swapping that out.

    Any clues if this was standard on Bays? If not what the hell could of it come off [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. That spreader bar with the ratchet adjuster doesn’t look right, ours is a flat bar type spreader with the adjusters down the bottom

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  3. Self adjusters were T25
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  4. Cheers dude. That's the bits I've ordered from just kampers.

    It's not like I've got a 100+ mile journey planned for next Friday ow wait yes I do.

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  5. Heres another blurry image but you can see the flat spreader in it.

    DSC02010 (2).JPG
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  6. davidoft

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    They are t25 brakes, an upgrade to bay ones are they are self adjusting , there’s nothing obviously wrong with those, cylinder looks fine, has it got a adjuster on the bottom too ?
  7. Yeah has the adjusters on the bottom

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  8. davidoft

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    which are you adjusting , top or bottom ?
  9. The other thing to check when you do the adjustment is to do at least 180 degree wheel rotation to check for binding.
    Having bought new drums when I first had the bus I kept the old ones. When the new ones warped so that the brakes would bind or run free every quarter turn of the wheel, I was glad to still have the OG drums which needed a bit of rust taken off the edge of the drum.
    Now my brakes are easy to adjust using the old still circular drums..
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  10. FYI. Automatic adjusters was standard equipment on bays delivered to Sweden at least from 1975. Hav had them on both my bays 75 and a 78.
    Any chance it was OG form Sweden?

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  11. That makes perfect sense, as yeah its a Swedish import.

    Cheers buddy

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    My 78 Swedish van didn’t , I still think they are type 25 retro fitted, adjust the lower adjusters until the drum just slides on, then the top one, though the upper is meant to self adjust
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  13. If they're anything like old Ford self-adjusters, they don't work anyway. After 10k miles, they just clag up with brake dust.
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  15. At a push, adjust the bottom ones for half decent rear brakes and slack off the self adjuster.......oh, and carry a brick@
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  16. That's my plan if i cant sort it Thursday :D
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  17. Well went for a test drive and finally all sorted.

    £100 later mind

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  18. I had issues with my handbrake when I refurbished mine in the days when Zebedee was on here ,he solved my issue . He advised that where the brake shoe fits to the spreader bar the spreader wears away . Put a couple of mm of weld in there then you get back all the adjustment you need . A two minute job solved days of head scratching
    Here's a link to my original query

    The issue is that the mechanism was hitting the center hub preventing the spreader bar doing its job . Adding the weld prevented the mechanism hitting the hub before the brakes went on sufficient. It's a matter of millimetres that make the difference
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