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    I need some space back so I'm shifting some bits.

    4 x replica Porsche alloys 4 stud to fit bug with studs but no tyres. £150

    BN4 Eber heater originally for a crewcab but can be fitted with a different outlet for any bus. restored £230

    LHD late bay crewcab rear door. will need a little work to the bottom but usable £175

    2 x 2ltr engines 99% complete both have head issues but well worth £500 for both.

    1963 bug in Beryl green. genuine uk car that needs restoring. the plate is worth £1500 so thats the asking price. no offers or time wasters this is a fantastic project as it has a rebuilt 67 1500 engine and the 67 1500 box in it.

    I have a barn full of spares for late bays and early bugs so feel free to pm and ask if I have any items you are after.

    All bits are either in Old Warden or in Baldock and Pictures can be supplied on request.

    Added parts are....

    stainless silencer made by bluebird (some scuffing underneath) £100

    a pair of unused repo pre 64 doors £250

    4 x 66 only wheels with caps £100

    several pairs of slopers some OG some repos from £30 each & upwards.

    2 x 63 only Bug steering wheels with the funny little horn ring cutouts £100 each
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    I will swap the Bug for a TDi Bora if anyone is interested
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    No thanks mate. you need them to keep you out of trouble! >:D
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    Will consider a swap on the bug with anything VW and Diesel
  6. What engine is the Bluebird exhaust for ?
  7. got a rear table for a late bay westy??
  8. do you have any cab doors for a 1972 crossdresser on k plate
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  12. do you have details on the 2l injuns please? What are the head issues? Cracked heads, dropped valves? Are you saying put new heads on and they are good to go, or they haven't been stripped beyond the heads coming off? Are they CJ or CU code and have they already been reworked? Have they been in the same postcode of any of the well renowned 'engine builders'

    By 99% complete do you mean all ancillaries, tins, HX, zorts etc are included

    Any pics?

    What bra size are you
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    I have a cu and cj and another of one of them but cant remember what it is so 3 in all 1 dropped a valve one runs but smokes badly and the other started missing and clattering on the top end. I havent stripped 2 of them of tins but one is just a long block. I can get more details soon and I'm in sg18 if that helps.
  14. Hi do you have an engine tin for a late bay 1.6 TP the one that goes over the bell housing?
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