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  1. Just give them a rinse and hang them on the washing line :thumbsup:

    Only prob is, if you did want to relubricate them...what oil would you use?
  2. Well you are in Australia!

  3. Only in Canada:

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    For southern lager sipping softies.

  5. Dave your DPD driver has left your parcel behind the water feature !!

  6. DPD = Dropped, Probably in Ditch
  7. There was a video of that doing the rounds on Facebook... he attempted to cross a Ford, which under the circumstances was blooming stupid!!!

    A lady in a Range Rover came reversing up to him at high speed looking like she was going to help and just started filming from another angle!!
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  8. I can't quite think who this might be referring to .[​IMG]

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  9. Takes a bit of working out if it's right . A wonderful set up here FB_IMG_1582032774651.jpg
  10. FB_IMG_1582100074649.jpg
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  11. The ones at the back are far away Dougal...
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    I drink either Black Sheep Ale or Coopers Pale Ale. :cheers:
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  15. Screenshot_20200220-062409.png
  16. Good tip for free and easy parking: get some red ‘POLICE AWARE’ stickers printed for your windscreen.
  17. Made me chuckle :lol:

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  18. One of my favourite pubs in N17 Screenshot_20200224-054617.png
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