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  1. Wonder if it’s actually got bacon in as I’m veggie.

    Sounds horrible but I’d probably try it if no bacon.

    Once tried banana beer in Iceland, the country not the shop.

    It was rank!
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  2. N I thought you liked ya maple syrup on ya pancakes with a splodge of I scream . Bacon with maple nice too :eek::food:
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  5. W
    what about heaven ?
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    No chance of me being there. :D
  7. It’s just a few easy questions at the gate , but you won’t get there in an old ford car that’s fa certain :thumbsup:
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  9. Who thought this font was a good idea ! festive font.jpg
  10. 1C959FB1-99CA-41EB-93AB-F2DD05DD6B13.jpeg
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  11. whopper.png
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  14. Expletives deleted.
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  15. Who you talking abart . That no way to talk abart a lady can :eek:
  16. . [​IMG]

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