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  1. Thought I'd start a thread here documenting our progress on Hatty our well loved '73 bay. Sorry for this long intro - I promise future posts will be (much!) more concise.

    First some background. We bought Hatty about 15+years ago, primarily due to the price and having an LPG conversion.

    She was used as a daily driver, with us doing bits of work on her as and when required, including a basic respray just in time for our wedding in 2005. All work carried out in a communal back yard much to the amusement of the neighbours!




    Hatty was heavily used during her first 8 years with us, both as daily driver, weekends and longer holidays, with particularly fond memories of our winter tours of the highlands. Very rarely did we use campsites.

    Around 2010 we bought a canal boat to live on that needed complete refurbishment, and Hatty started to get a bit neglected, showing signs of her use on heavily salted roads every winter in the highlands. She failed her MOT in 2011 and was parked up, being replaced with a boring, practical escort van. Later that year our friend John who has his own garage picked her up pending a decision on her future as we needed the space.

    We soon decided to ask John to restore the bodywork and and do a full respray to the original green and white again. This he reluctantly agreed to do in his spare time, despite his insistence that the scrap yard was the best place for her! Despite supplying panels in drips and drabs over the intervening 7 years, we began to give up hope of ever getting her back. Life moved on, with the biggest and best change being the birth of daughter Lily in 2016, and thoughts of Hatty slowly faded.

    Suddenly we were given a surprise glimpse of hope late last year as we saw pics of Hatty in a nearly finished state!

    Unbeknown to us Hatty had spent time at a friend of John's who completed the work. Unfortunately our optimism was short lived - the finish was not up to John's exacting standards so he decided to sand it off and start again!

    That brings this post almost up to date and we finally got Hatty delivered back at the start of June as can be seen here: http://thelatebay.com/index.php?threads/finally-got-our-bay-back.78236/

    I promise the next instalment will be much more concise and more about restoration than reminiscing! Next post will start to detail the actual progress we've made since getting her back. Still a very long way to go though.

    Tom and Becky

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