Happy Birthday Volkswombat!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MrsVolkswombat, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Weird, isn’t it?
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  2. Happy birthday Jez! Have a fab day :)
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  3. All the best for a great day - and Easter Eggs as well
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  4. Have a fab one,happy birthday!
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  5. Happy birthday

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  6. Thankyou LateBayists.
    Tis indeed a super sunny day here, had some time at the beach, now sipping mojitos in the garden with me baps out!
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  7. Happy birthday mate, enjoy the sunny weather ;)

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  8. Are you sure?
  9. No
  10. Happy Birthday , hope it was good.

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  11. No pics, please...
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  12. You're having a BBQ then?

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  13. A very Happy Birthday to you :cheers: hope your baps didn't get sunburnt!
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  14. Happy Birthday Jez haven't seen you round these parts for a while.
  15. I was! With my baps out!

    Just lightly toasted!

    Just other stuff going on, very busy with work etc, but summer and exemption from mot and tax is spurring me on to get the van going again!
  16. Summer is nearly over ... we've had our week of sun for the year. Good luck with getting it back on the road ... Subaru still going well here.
  17. Happy birthday:)

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