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  1. I have a little, not much, sympathy with the painter. But he should have done it himself or at least get someone who knows what they're doing!

    He sounds glum because he, and I, know just how hard he'll be working up to Thursday. And paint ain't cheap either. Still that's his tough luck - if it had reacted he'd have had to do it again anyway. That's one reason why painting is expensive - you have to allow for the unexpected to happen now and again.
  2. Thats why i wont paint for other people

    I could make 3 k a week painting busses but every job i turned out would be awfull but shiny till the paint peeled

    I couldent do that its just not me so i sit here high on my morals but skint
  3. p'haps i shouldn't feel sorry for him.

    oh god, i hadn't thought about the paint peeling! i'd be going back if that happens.
  4. Hun i suspect hes actually going to work his arse off on your bus now to save his previously good reputation
    It sounds like hes offferd his brother a gift horse but his brother is a numpty

    Phone him tmw and ask if you can come and take some pics for your resto thread

    If he palms you off go down anyway
  6. Glad its getting sorted, lets hope its a happy ending :)
  7. thank you so much folks for your advice and support. it's been a very stressful week, more so if it hadn't been for you (friends just don't really understand the dub love).

    i didn't get to spring a visit today as work was just too busy, but i certainly feel more relaxed about it all after speaking to him.

    hopefully i'll have trevor back soon and topped with the great insurance deal i got, it'll be a good week.

    thank you again (i'll let you know if the rain fetches the paint off) :)

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