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  1. i feel for you and hate women get treated differently i cant moan as a low cut top has worked the other way sometimes lol...once a builder i had in clearly wasnt wearing underwear so my house was full of giggling women watching him almost fall out of a hole in his trouser hillarious!.....make sure you talk to trading standards as parting with money means you wont get any of it back they may have an officer who can go round with you get a receipt and present them with a note of faults in their work make sure its a receipt with their full names and addresses on and get it all witnessed shame your not closer id have gone with you and ductaped him to his compressor while we left :)
  2. Not all men are like to women now days. Honest :)

    Its a sh*t that you've been treated this way though, i hope the 'proper' sprayer takes it on board to do the right thing and sort it out.

    Maybe txt him a link to this thread?
  3. thanks both x

    still not heard from either of them after this mornings messages. hopefully, they're getting their Marmite together and sorting it out.

    i hate being treated like a stupid little woman, but they don't realise that this intelligent little woman ROARS! (and knows the law, and has a big family just in case ;))
  4. i had a quote for some plumbing and 5th time i was lucky to get a bloke who was kind and done the thing for 30.00 the others were quoting 100 for lol :) bless!!!!!!
  6. still no word from either sprayer.
    today i'll be giving them a deadline to contact me by with a date when it's finished. if they don't contact me by then, i'll be going to collect my property.

    i have tix for a festival this weekend. the camper was booked in because it was supposed to be finished by beginning of august.
  7. tonight i got a call from the sprayer! yay!
    v apologetic and will have all rectified by thursday. wonder if it was the message about legal action that prompted this? i'm just so pleased it'll be sorted and i'll get my boy back home :)
  8. Lets hope you get the paintjob you asked for in the end
  9. Assume that's the guy who was supposed to do it anyway? Bet he wishes he did now. Well done. :)
  10. well done :)
  14. The way I would have played it.
    I would have pretended I was OK with it taken my brothers & taken the van away from there. Once you got your van you can argue the point, when he has it its very difficult.
    I'm not talking tough here I had to do it with my old RS 1600i. I had a spare alarm fob but not the key so while my brother argued the toss with him I jumped in, broke the steering lock & hot wired it.
    When I got home with my arse twitching I phoned the police, they were not at all interested "Civil Mater"
    The guy did take me to court & I won because I was in the right.
    Does the bus drive?
    Can you get a few friends to go with you?
    If yes get the van outside i"n the daylight to have a better look" get in it & drive off, hide the van (or take it to another sprayer) & let the games begin. He sounds so dodgy I don't think it would get to court. :)
  16. Good luck and hope it gets sorted ,as for ranting I'd go nowhere else :)
    Glad theve come to their senses.
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