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  1. it should have been a happy day.
    today i was *finally* supposed to pick up my newly sprayed van, but clearly my definition of finished is miles apart from the sprayer :(

    i did all the right things, i only went with a recommended sprayer. he told me to drop the van off at his brothers lock up ( and that it'd be done by august.
    While looking for the unit a chap told me NOT to give this guy money upfront. unsettling, but i knew that a) i wouldn't, and b) he wasn't my sprayer, (but his brother is obv dodgy. hey, we've all got *those* family members!).

    After an unsettled weekend after dropping the van off i called my sprayer (who saw the van, pointed out the work and quoted me) to express my concern that it was him that'd been recommended, not his brother. he assured me that it was only in his brothers unit as he didn't have the space and that he wouldn't leave his reputation in the hands of anyone else. that was a month ago.

    guess what?? the bus has more jaffa peel jaffa "just needs flatting back" says dodgy brother. the sills had been painted WITHOUT any prep. the dirt in the guttering is now painted white, the slider had been painted closed, so lots of paint missing etc etc. he said he's have the 'snags' done by tomorrow. it's obvious that my sprayer (the good one) has had nothing to do with it (i guessed last week when i couldn't get hold of him), so i tried to cal him today. he keeps cutting me off but i managed to leave a message asking to call me and to go look at the van. still no call. i keep calling.

    the missing paint, crappy sills etc are obvious - if he's missed those, what else is the paint hiding??

    am gutted. :(

    (so just wanted to share my misery :) )
  2. feel for you m8
    i ve started looking for a painter how much did he quote you for the job
    i am only asking as i am local to as notts bit of your location but please dont name n shame em till you get somesort of result
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    That sucks buddy hopefully you can get it put right if not small claims is your friend although getting the claim enforced and paid can be an issue.

    Of course if you haven't paid any monies yet there is no need to get all legal.
  4. Thats terrible dont hand over any cash till your satisfied

    May i ask how much you were quoted?
  5. I have a similar s h I t paint job , welcome to the gang
  6. ob1


    Dont part with any money!!!!!!
    The fact that hes painted over the dirt says theres a very good chance that the vans not been keyed b4 spraying which means that most of the new paint will flake off.
  7. £1600 tbh not a great deal of prep needed (and clearly, not much done). my mechanic AND a good spray shop (which are way too expensive for my budget) recommended him. mechanic is gutted too.

    at the time he quoted i said i'd rather pay more if it meant a better job, but he (and others) said his work was good quality. shame he never went near it.

    if he'd told me he didn't have time and could he pass it onto his brother i would have done my homework and checked out hi work. i didn't get that opportunity :(

    thanks for sweet responses... i am wallowing atm. also worried that every time i look at the van i'll just feel like i've swallowed a brick.
  10. Sounds about the correct price for flatting back the original paint,masking off and blowing over a bus

    But painted over dirt in the gutters etc shows its not even being washed and wiped down with panel wipe let alone keyed to give the fresh paint somthing to adhere too

    I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction theres too many off these rip off stories nowadays
  11. I feel your pain . Dont pay the muppet until the good brother has fixed it . Any late bay members near you?
  12. if i don't part with money... i don't get my van back. i'll go tomorrow and am sure i'll find more problems :(

    today i took a mate (male) with me and the brother was not the 'wide-boy' he'd previously been with me. the fact is that i could've pointed out all the issues and he wouldn't've taken a blind bit of notice. a bloke does, and he's on it. GRRRRRR!

    so tomorrow i'll be looking for another escort, because clearly my opinion/knowledge of my van counts for Marmite on a stick! (sorry, ranting now, will stop...maybe) :)
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    rant away, and take a mate with you again - it's a shame he thinks he can blow you off when alone though but needs must if you want the job done right
  15. get some pics tomorrow if you can . Tell the good brother you've got a few thousand members that want to see his work
  16. Get some pics whilst your there hun and make a point of letting him know your sharing the pics of poor work with a very large online vw community

    That way if the good painter brother wants to keep his reputation hell kick his Marmite job brothers arse in to touch or redo the bus himself
  17. So sorry to hear your grief dude, i did the prep on mine and brought the paint, and my m8 did mine for £200.
    if you were quoted 1600 i would not pay a penny, in fact id would be inclined to take my m8 mr base ball bat and rearange his head for him... for f@@kin up your van.
  18. am certainly not going on my own anymore. I did try and take pics with my phone but they came out looking really good! (new paint, crap camera under fluorescent lights).

    to be fair to the 'dodgy' brother, i think he thinks it's a decent job. when my mate (a cross dresser bay type) pointed out that thinks can't have been prepped he just agreed! I wonder if he's a sandwich or two short??

    my mechanic said he'd never recommend the good one again as he's farming the work out and because of the way he's treated me. I trusted the chap that came over and quoted the job, he knew his stuff... i never saw him again.

    as for Mr. baseball bat... i have many cousins who would be more than prepared to do just that, but i'm a grown up now (and frankly daren't tell them as i have to still live here!) :)
  19. as there's only 2 sprayers recommended in these parts for old dubs and one of them is the best vw mechanic around and t'other is the other sprayer... i think his rep will be shot after this.
    just wish i could have enjoyed his workmanship.
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