WANTED Grey faced blanking plate for 1974 T2

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by restored, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. restored

    restored Guest

    I need a blanking plate for the third window on the console, next to the speedometer the other two are grey faced, ( or a cheap clock )
    At present it has a badly fitted oil temp gauge and I want to return it to original
  2. I think I have one in the garage. I fitted a tacho to my 72. Will let you know tomorrow.
  3. Found it. do you still want it? 20180707_112028.jpg
  4. Hi - sorry to hijack the thread, but I may be interested in this if restored doesn't want it - or if anyone else has one ?

  5. I know I’ve got one, but I’m holiday until after the World Cup!
  6. No one has got back to me about it, so I am assuming Restored is sorted.
  7. Hi matey - feel free to PM me with price, etc. if and when you are happy that Restored doesn't need it and you are happy to sell it to me.

    Many thanks.
  8. I have sent Restored a PM to see if he still wants it. If he does not get back to me you can have it. I will give him a day or so. I only want some money to cover the post.
  9. Sold it to Restored.
  10. ok - anyone else got one available please?
  11. Yep I've got a couple, I thought I sent you a PM but I can't see it in my chat's section.
  12. No, not received a pm matey. do you want to text me on 07968 460 837.

  13. Still looking.

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