Good old Monstay farm Ludlow.

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    Me and Lou were dying to try out the LT and mentioned it to Baybirmingham "Shall we go to Monstay and pick up some Clee hill cider on the way?" he asked. We do like our coiderrr, so we arranged to go on Saturday.

    It isn't exactly an overland trip from my house to Ludlow, but with the steep winding country roads that climb the Clees and meanders through some of Worcestershire's most picturesque villages it can feel like it. Tenbury wells was our first stopping off point. We needed a pork pie to go with the coiderr, and this was where to get a good one. Tenbury wells is sat aside the river Teme and is very much the same sleepy town that it was 50 years ago. This is where the farmers meet shopper and vice versa. It provided us with our customary Reg's pork pie and off we set back up the towards Clee village some 1500 ft above us. Clee village is three shops, 2 pubs and sheep. Lot's of sheep, great views, but sheep! It wasn't Clee village we were interested in. It was Mahorall's cider farm that lay between us and Clee village. We got there just as the owner was on his way out to the Ludlow food festival, where he had a stall, but he drove back to the farm ahead of us and sold us our cider, and rushed off asking us to lock his gate on the way out. Result. We drove out from the farm and made our way up around the hairpins on the b4214 towards Clee and beyond to Ludlow.

    Ludlow was really busy, roads were blocked and the food festival was in full throng. We gave it a miss and headed off through town to the ever welcoming Monstay farm and it's real farm charm. Once paid £14.50 for the night without hook up, we set off for a our regular patch of field with a view. It was still there, We set about setting up the Lt for the first nights camping in her. We unwound the awning. knocked in our windbreak, set down the stabiliser legs and we were camping ( 10 minutes) bb had his camper and awning set up in roughly the same time. Time for a cider!

    Lou soon had the food on the go and as bb and I drank cider, the waft of Chinese cooking hit our noses. I suggested we walk the dogs as it would be an age until it was ready and my mouth was watering. We had another cider, finished off the pork pie, and reluctantly got out of our chairs with a view.

    Dinner was taken in the LT at the 5 seater dining table, accompanied by cider and limoncello. Lou's preffered Italian drink that weekend. The meal was perfect, the company excellent and the views sublime. A very civilised way to eat. That function of the LT had all our approvals.

    After chilling for few hours and a visit from the farmers mum for a chat and asking if we wanted to let the dogs off and if we were settled, we decided the night was old and bed beckoned, we bade Penny and Ewan, Goodnight and changed the dining table into a double bed. Will was already asleep above the cab in the double bed. We retired to our dining table bed and had the best nights sleep we have had in a campervan for 3 years, luxury!.

    The next morning, I woke at 6, Lou and Will were still snoring so I quietly got up, made myself a cuppa and cereal and sat eating it at the forward dining table. This is something we could not have done in the bay as I would have disturbed everyone climbing over them, I would not have been able to make a brew and sit eating cereal in comfort, as there was not the room. The LT had another thumbs up from me.

    When everyone was up we tucked into toast for breakfast as we were off for lunch at the Peacock later. High class food for a pittance and we wanted to be able to eat every bit of it's deliciousness! Proper toast in a camper btw.

    After a wrestle with the farm shower that had decided not to work, we resigned ourselves to a wash in the camper and we headed off to the Ludlow food festival. We had a few hours drooling over the amazing fayre on offer (I bought some more coiderrr) and settled in for a downmarket Costa. After our coffee we headed off out of town to the Peacock inn at Tenbury.

    Now then the 'Peacock inn' at Tenbury ( well just outside on the A456 towards Newnham bridge ) is an absolute gem for people who like food. It is a 16th century inn owned by a chef, offering high class food at reasonable prices. the beer isn't bad either. We were late for lunch and at first the barman said we were unable to get a table. we were quite disappointed, we retired to order our drinks, a few minutes later he cme out smiling and offered us a table in the naughty corner - result!

    Now I know I have mentioned this all before. Monstay, Ludlow, the Clees and the peacock inn, but we were taking our wives this time and they hadn't tried the food here. We were not disappointed. it was cuisine first class. the service, the food, the works. We ate to a chorus of praise from the girls and Lou asked quietly how much this would cost, £16.95 for two courses I replied ) she looked astonished. our mission was complete.


    Monstay farm..


    Washing up facility's


    The toilet and shower block are pretty basic, but clean. The whole farm is like this, functioning and rustic. We love it.


    Everyone's a comic!


    One of this lot.. ?




    It really is a nice area and Ludlow has so much more to offer than we took advantage of. Do it, you won't regret it!
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    A lovely write up and it sounds like the LT is the business. :thumbsup:
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  3. I live in Ludlow ! It's great! Lol

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