Gertie the 72 crossdresser. Full resto....and it needs it!

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by exuptoy, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Poptop2

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    i know because i did a bad un too , sometimes i wish i'd taken more time over certain items and got them more factory but tbh i don't have the patience , i love it when i hear her engine gently ticking along behind me and i know she has been saved - by me .

    hopefully you will soon know what i mean :)
  2. Spent about 4 hours up the garage today. I didn't like the edge of the floor as the edge wasn't very defined and was a bit of a NON edge due to my welding so I decided to run a weld along it's edge then ground the upper face and the side face to make a nicer edge.

    I then masked around the edges I wanted to seam seal to there was a clean edge not just a slap happy brushed finish.



    Spent around an hour with a grinder mounted wire wheel and cleaned up the OS window frame and B and C pillar uppers back to the metal and then gave it all a coat of etch. REALLY impressed with a flat finish and fresh paint. I can't wait until this thing is done and all in primer.



    Mixed up some epoxy mastic 121 and gave the floor and arch step a coat. What I had left, I painted onto the new chassis section I replaced. No waste. :))


  3. Diddymen

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    nice to see the epoxy mastic in use, how you finding it ? :)
  4. Good Dale, as you suggested any excess gets used elsewhere so I used the remainder on the chassis section.
    Looked in on it today before I left home for work and it has set nicely and gone off to a satin colour. Looks good but I am out of action for the next 2 weeks now. Currently in Aberdeen going offshore in the morning.

    Can't wait to get back and do a bit.

    End of the remaining y sections next and NS A pillar repair, steering box back in (once the pitman arm is removed) then front inner valance on.

    Pleased to hear yours is in for paint.
  5. Diddymen

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    not quite in for paint yet but booked in for friday ^-^

    I find the epoxy mastic is good for sealing edges of panels too .......I squidge it into all the little gaps and areas where I dont want to use seam sealer such as around door skins etc. Then once its set I sand off any excess so the panels look 'factory' :)
  6. Your flying along with this resto dude top progress
  8. Diddymen

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    its a pity you cant ship it out with you to work on it in your down time lol!!

    bet they use some good paint products on the rigs :thinking: ;D

    ........not a job I'd fancy mate, just doing a helicopter dunk test would put me off!
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    some great work there buddy, coming along nicely. kinda makes me want to rip apart everything i've done so far and start again
    keep it up :thumbsup:
  11. Thanks for the praise Dog. Although there's a lot more on here with more skill / patience / attention to detail than me. I'm just enjoying what I'm doing and somehow I just seem to be making a reasonable job of it. ;D
  12. Spent about 2 hours with a grinder and wire cup cleaning off the layers of paint. My ears are now seriously ringing. I think that job calls for ear defenders next time. :-[

    Never got any pictures of the bare panel as I was so excited and wanted to get it in primer. Lovely smooth problem free finish.


    Not a big job but another job off the list.
  13. I love the shape of the latebay air vents! Those areas are looking smart in primer.

    Your making great progress :thumbsup:

    Looking forward to more updates.
  15. Marc
    Can I use the sill for the NS as I have the OS one? If so I'll take it otherwise let someone use it who needs it.
    Let me know. It'd be a shame for me to have it to chop it up for repairs.

  16. I dropped off my steering box to my mate Daz who runs the engineering shop across the road and happily, he managed to get off my pitman arm. So I popped up the garage and spent a fair bit of time cleaning up and sorting out my s**t so when I am ready to flip the bus, I shouldn't have too much left to do.
    Armed with my cardboard template from the home of the steering box I transferred all measurements onto my new chassis section. Then I had to replicate it on the other skin. Oh joy!

    Just need to elongate one or two holes and strip out the old chassis section and pick it apart to transfer the posts from one piece onto the new one.
    Thats tomorrows work.

    I'm off out. Laterz!
  18. Cheers anyway Marc. O0
  19. thats alot of work needed there but also alot of work done. keep it up though as your doing a great job!
  20. Cheers for the praise Jimmy. O0

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