Gearbox question for van owners with big engines

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by paulcalf, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Hi
    I've got a 2110cc engine in my bus, currently with a standard gearbox.

    I'm planning on getting a more suitable gearbox with different ratios, so would like the advice of van owners who have done the same please.

    What have you fitted and what works best ratio wise?
    What difference does it make to engine running temp?
    What difference does it make to driving the van?

    I'm probably going to get one from bears motorsport rather than spend a fortune on an old used 2l box.

    All advice gratefully received, ideally I would like advice from people who have driven vans with big engines and non standard gearboxes.

    Thanks for looking

  2. I've got a 2270 type 4 in my van... It was mated to a std 2l box and I was running on 205/50/16s (slightly bigger tire than stock)

    Happily do 70+ on the motorway with no overheating issues... only problem is, is that it felt like I was thrashing it all the time, so I'm in the process of putting in a Porsche 915 box, so I've got a better gear selection, and a slightly better 5th for cruising on the motorway!!

  3. Why don't you get yours overhauled? Try cog box I've heard good things about them.
  4. I've spoken to cog box and bears and plan on using bears. In effect i will be getting an overhauled box with different ratios, but I'll get a new one and then return my old one.

    Ideally I want to find someone who has been using a box with different ratios in a big engined van, so they can tell me what it is actually like.

    Paul weeding, wow do you have to make major mods to fit a 915 box in? With the 2l box what revs were you doing at 70mph

    Thanks for the replies
  5. 70mph was around 4000rpm... might've been a smidge under!! Been a while since I drove the van :oops:

    I've put a couple of Porsche boxes in vans, not majorly hard, you just have to engineer them in well!! :)

    A few pics of mine going in :)



  6. Nice

    Very nice

    What revs do these bad boys produce at 70mph?

  7. Get in touch with Peter Engols , He runs the cog box, tell him what hp you have , how quick you want to go and he will build you a box to suit
    your needs in an original casing so its a straight swap ,There not cheap but his work is legendary and your box will be a simple swap
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  8. Don't forget the Kennedy stage one clutch as well , to keep everything joined up properly
  9. Spending a fortune on an old 2l box or buying a box from cogbox/bears etc, what sort of money were you planning on spending, as a 2l box is the cheapest by a mile.
  10. How long have you been running a 16oo box , It must be reving the nuts off the engine ,
    What extra cooling do you have ?
  11. Kruger, 2l boxes seem to go for around 600 and I'll have no idea what condition they will be in after 40 years use. Cog box or bears will cost more, but I'll get the exact gear ratios for my needs and ill know I have a good box that should last another 40 years!

  12. Bug catcher I fitted a monster clutch when the new engine went in at end of the summer. I haven't ragged the existing box as I've been breaking the new engine in. Extra cooling is from external oil filter & fan assisted external oil cooler.

    I really appreciate all the advice and am still keen to hear from somebody who has fitted an up rated box into a van with a 2110cc engine. Then I'll be able to get a better idea of the implications I'll face with regards temperature etc

    Thanks again


  13. Scuse my ignorance but will a 2l box from a type 4 bolt straight onto a 1600 type 1?
  14. Yes, but you either need to shorten the input shaft slightly, or swap in one from a type 1 box!!
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  15. All depends on what gear set you have in there... I'll have to count my teeth to work it out as half of my gearbox code numbers are missing :(

    But that said, it's going to be around 3000rpm depending on final tire size!!

    Handy calculator to help you work it out :)
  16. Thanks Paul, no need to count the teeth! Thanks for the calculator as well.

  17. :D
    I have a 1600 box on my 1955. I drove it at 65-70 for 300 miles and it did nearly 30mpg so it seems quite happy.
    I like the revs - lots of head/barrel cooling. I have an external oil cooler but that won't keep the heads cool.

    Common sense says the higher the revs for a given speed the less hard it's working so far from getting too hot on a 1600 box it gets the same cooling a 1600 would get. And to push the bus at 65 needs the same effort presumably creating the same amount of heat. If you have a longer 4th, it'll have to work harder but will still having the same head/barrel cooling.

    So in answer to the OP I have no idea. Putting in a longer 4th is very popular with slammers. They have teeny tyres and upping the gearing in the box compensates a bit, avoiding the embaressment of red lining at 55mph. Works for them, but they're just trying to get back to normal.
  18. I meant when I get to rebuilding the box as it's in bits at the mo!! ;)

    Going on online info, it has a 3.88 R&P, and either a 0.79 or 0.82 5th
  19. I got a simular MPG from mine , not far off a modern swb diesel transit,quite amazing , and petrol is cheaper than diesel!
  20. What box Mr Bugcatcher?

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