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  1. Hi guys, first time posting on the site so hopefully this is in the right spot.
    My 1975 bay has an issue in that the gear stick shakes and vibrates while I drive, anyone know the potential problem/solution?
    Thanks, Hoody
  2. Does it just rattle, or really vibrate with the transmission?
  3. It really vibrates, going 50mph on the motorway you can almost feel the floor vibrating with it.
  4. Have you had a look under the van at the transmission mounts? Shouldn’t vibrate that badly (or at all)
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  5. I’ll take a look at that tomorrow cheers, will let you know the outcome!
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  6. On the original one isn't there a spring that stops the vibrations (I have never had an original one) . The CSP one I have now is spring loaded or maybe it is too stiff to vibrate
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  7. Did you cut and paste that from the Ann Summers website?
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  8. Shush - don't tell everyone
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  9. You are right...forgotten about the spring. But it is for the reverse lockout. My CSP also has no spring, and it’s vibe-less. Can’t think why vibrations should be coming up the shift tube, unless maybe the trans is flapping about.
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  10. Wasn't Wendy James the lead singer?....
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  11. It could be transmitting severe vibration from the engine. A typical and simple cause could be having bits of engine bay foam seal stuck in the fan, or a plushy toy Pikachu now orbiting the fan that you kept by the leisure battery.. or it is missing on one cylinder. Ignition wire fallen off, bad plug, melted exhaust valve on No3 cylinder, big hole in piston and so on up the cost scale.

    But start with the simple and stupid minor things.

    A bus missing one cylinder does 50mph. Missing two cylinders gives you a struggle for 20mph on the flat and stationary up hill.

    At 50mph you are nowhere near max rpm for a VW aircooled engine, more like 3000 rpm with the 'red line' in the 4000+ region.
  12. With only a basic mechanical knowledge I’ll apologise in advance for looking stupid!
    After having a look under the van I’ve tightened the mounts (although they didn’t seem too loose anyway). I’ve also noticed that the plastic section of the guide sleeve appears to be broken/missing, I can also move the front shift rod side to side by hand. Hopefully something from that will explain the issue.
    Cheers again for the help.

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  13. That'll do it! remove the gear lever, follow the shift rod back and disconnect it with the grub screw just in front of the passenger area. Pull out the front section of shift rod and replace that bush :)
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  14. Excellent, I’ll give that an attempt at the weekend. Thanks for the quick reply :thumbsup:
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  17. Bloody typical, the grub nut is 9mm and I have every socket bar a 9mm. Time to wait for the postie :(
  18. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help folks, replaced the bush and fitted the quick shifter while I was at it. What a difference! No more vibrating or breaking my arm trying to change gear :thumbsup:
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  19. Great stuff
    Where did you order the bush from as I’ve heard that some don’t fit
  20. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Has anyone had the hole in which you place the bush go a bit misshapen?

    When I had the VW linkage, I noticed play between the rod and bush, it was caused by the hole, in what I assumed was the chassis, being worn to an elongated hole.

    I'd imagine this wear would provide a fair amount of slop in the lever/linkage.

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