FOR SALE Garage clear out.

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  1. So I'm having a clear out. Some old and some new and unused. I'm open to offers on everything. The items are located in Ireland but I'll can get them to Lancashire in a few weeks time if any one wants to collect anything or organise a courier to collect anything.

    Wheel arch closing panels nearside, brand new-£10 each
    Wheel arch closing panel offside, brand new-£10
    2 x Westafalia jalousie window refurbishment seal kits in grey, brand new-£30 each
    Footstep panel, nearside and offside, brand new-£10 each
    Air riveter, brand new-£35
    Front cab floor panels, nearside and offside, brand new-£45 each
    LHD dash media blasted-£70
    Engine inspection hatch-£30
    Pair of opening 1/4 lights- SOLD
    2 x brake calipers and pad fitting kits, brand new, painted and paint is flaking- SOLD
    2 x headlamp units-SOLD
    Battery mat, brand new-£2
    Universal battery clamp-£2
    Westfalia jalousie window- SOLD
    Deluxe bumper trims, brand new-£70
    Window winder handles- SOLD
    Cab door handle, brand new-£15
    Gear knob-£5
    Heater flexis-£10
    Washer bottle-£5
    2 x oil coolers-£10 each (one still available)
    Walk through vent cover-£5
    4 x hub caps, media blasted- SOLD
    4 x KYB gas adjust dampers-£60
    2 x Bumpers irons, media blasted, zinc thermal sprayed and powder coated-£30
    Front vent cover-£15
    Alternator 55a-£20
    Genuine vw indicator units and clear lenses-£20
    Us spec side marker lenses, brand new- SOLD
    Air filer brackets-£10
    Overrider rubbers- SOLD
    U.S power hook up-£5
    Pedal rubbers-£Free
    Various tinware and pipes-£offers
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  3. Is the battery clamp for the leisure battery, or is it a generic one?

    Are the bumper rubbers new?

  4. The clamp is just a generic one man. The bumper rubbers are old and have some cracks in them, the deluxe bumpers rubber trims are brand new. Thanks
  5. I’d be interested in the callipers - would you post them?

    Edit - and the hubcaps too :thumbsup:
  6. Ye no problem. Send me a pm with your details and I’ll get a price for you.
  7. Merlin Cat

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    Can I bagsy the window winders and US spec side lenses please?
  8. You certainly can :)
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  9. Send a pm please
  10. Bloody hell! Missed out again! Those window winders would suit my beetle! If you change your mind Alex..... :)
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  11. I'm interested in the Nearside step foot panel,would you post please ?
  12. This is a step up for you Baz! :)
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  13. I hope it's not a step too far:p
  14. I will Barry no problem. Pm your address and I’ll get a price for you. What I will say though is, I wasn’t impressed by the quality of the machine pressing of the step, which I why I didn’t use it. Zoom in on the pic and see if you’re happy with it.
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