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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kkkaty, May 17, 2018.

  1. you're pointing out MY typo????! Mr. Rubble, i am speechless! :D :D
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  2. I’m amaaazzzed
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  3. :lol:

    doesn't happen often :D
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  4. Does Stringfellows night club still exist

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    Seems as if it does.
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  6. Still ain’t. Hes a celery
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  7. I think Snotts still dances there for the pensioners on a Tuesday lunch time
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  8. Terrordales

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    That IS NOT an image I need in my head as I head out for dinner.
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  9. Who's Charlie's mullet more like.

    Poor man's Rod Stewart. Chelsea fan type - Barry will know of him.
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  11. great result
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  12. Moons

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    Unsure how you conclude that....

    The guy has his own ltd company and as he's vat registered he obviously earns a fair whack and pays less tax on it, far less than an actual employee.

    He knew what the score was, yet chose this course of action.

    I trust he'll repay his shortfall in tax, N.I. and any profits on VAT.

    Shouldn't be a subby and waive all rights for tax benefits and a higher rate then rescind on your contracts.
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  13. Reading it all the court has ruled is it can go to a tribunal
  14. ^this. Does he want to be an employee or not?
  15. Depends on how Pimlico employs people, perhaps they only take peeps on a Self Employed basis so he had no choice.
  16. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Yes - his choice was not to work with them for years, benefiting from their client list and reputation to get him work that as a standalone he probably wouldn't have got - bear in mind he was a qualified plumber in his own right, in one of the biggest cities in the world.

    If he wasn't happy he could simply have exercised the termination clause he has in his contract - as he is Ltd and so are they, the ramifications are negligible.

    I don't know him - but class him as an utter cretin, there is a huge subcontract workforce out there that either sub their own ltd company to a larger organisation, or the same as a sole trader.

    To be clear - this isn't someone like an uber driver that is fighting for minimum wage, and employment rights - this is a well paid contractor (he's VAT registered, you have to have an income in to the company of £85k a year minimum) who has benefited directly as a sub contractor with Plimlico and has paid substantially less Income Tax and National Insurance for years as a consequence.

    He was also paid more than say a British Gas that genuinely is an employee.

    I'd have a tiny bit of sympathy if he was being hit for IR35 repayments similar to the BBC presenters recently - in which case they make you pay tax and employee and you should fight for your employee rights consequentially - but this isn't what is happening here.

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