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  1. Our fuel tank seems to have sprung a leak somewhere, fuel is dripping under the van.Is it best to remove the engine to replace the tank, it’s a type 4.We removed the tank during the restoration while the engine was already out and inspected it and it appeared solid all filler pipes and breathers were replaced.We have managed to pull the fire wall out a bit and it’s all dry at the top.The fuel outlet is new and is dry so the fuel is obviously collecting on the shelf the tank sits on and then running down through the inspection hole.We are thinking engine out is probably the best way
  2. Filler pipe?....

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  3. Filler pipes are all new and bone dry
  4. How new?
  5. Is it leaking whilst the van is sat and how full is the tank?
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    Had a bed or any interior fitted since the tank went it ?
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  7. Yes it’s leaking while the van is sat, done about 170 miles since I filled it up last.Original interior was refitted before the tank went in, nothing else has been done apart from running some cables for hook up and leisure system but they were done over 6 months ago and are not near the tank area.We picked up some bad fuel on holiday in France with a bit of water in it so wondering if that’s caused a pin hole underneath?
  8. You said that fuel is dripping under the van, If it was coming from the tank I think it would follow the outlet on the tank and drip down from there as there is a hole in the tank area floor so i think fuel would follow that path.
    Could it be coming from the carbs or fuel injection? I would clamp the flexi pipe near the outlet and see if fuel still leaks out.
    I did try to look at my tank with the engine in but it was near impossible (type 4)
  9. The fuel is dripping out of the hole in the fuel tank floor area.I first thought it was the outlet as that’s where it comes out of the tank but the fuel is dripping onto the fuel pipe on the outlet from above.If I put my fingers up into the hole the floor area is soaked
  10. Yes it's time to drain the tank, engine out (with fire extinguishers near by) and have a proper look (it's only 4 bolts)
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  11. first recheck the out let screw andmake sure its fully tight ,ask me how i know :rolleyes: tight but not fully
  12. Who would be that stupid
  13. You can certainly remove the tank and keep the engine in on a T4. Getting a t4 engine out has never been any fun for me, but with carbs, snail fan off you can pull the fire wall and then the tank out of the gap.
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  14. What he said :)
  15. I agree. Bit of a struggle the first time!
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  16. I gave up and took the engine out, but took the opportunity to paint the engine bay and stuff
  17. I bet its a wonky filler hose clamp on the join between the tank and hose. The replacement hoses start life slightly loose and the seal totally relies on that clamp. The OG hoses fit better amd the clamp has less work to do.

    Replacing an old less elastic seepy hose with a new one that doesnt fit perfectly.
  18. Pulled the firewall today filler pipe is dry so definetly a leak on the bottom of the tank
  19. You would also see marks on the paintwork if the filler hose was leaking.
    It will be dry even with a leaky hose join because the tank filler goes in quite high up and you can happily pull the filler hose off with half a tank full and all that comes out is fumes.
  20. My outlet pipe had rusted but I was able to solder on a piece of copper pipe.

    Take sensible precautions not to blow yourself up.

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