Fuel tank internal rust clean

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  1. Are there any guidelines on rust internal to the tanks? How to clean etc.. future protect?


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  2. How much rust ;)?
  3. Nothing crazy.. but enough for me to see atm. Whilst its all out i wish to address it. Tank was removed and sat in storage dry for some years.. hard to take pics

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  4. Por15 do kits with rust remover, cleaner and sealer liquids. I got a kit a few years ago but finally getting round to using it in the next week or two.
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  5. I have seen someone stick some nuts and bolts in the tank and then stick the end of the tank in a cement mixer and ran it for a hour. It came up lovely
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  6. Or a new tank, but they are expensive at around £200. We put a new tank in my son's T25, at least we know its rust free and would last a few years. We couldn't be bothered to spend hours cleaning out the old one and risk using sealant inside, which reportedly often fails and peels off.
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    I’m always a bit weary of the sealing kits, since me and Zed spent fecking ages tracking down an intermittent loss of power on a customers bus. Long story short, it was a slab of the sealer that was randomly blocking the outlet after about 40 miles....
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  8. ^this. If the tank’s really scummy, I’d go for a good used or new one if they’re available.

    If the tank coating is from POR15, I wouldn’t touch it. Everything from them I’ve used has peeled/fallen off.
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  9. Tank isnt that bad. Purchasing a concentrated product which can be diluted upto 20ltrs depending on condition. I will rinse the tank first. Fill with the product and rinse. Will update at a later date.

    Product is from Bilt hamber.. called DEOX-c

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  10. All those wonder coatings need to go on TOTALLY CLEAN surfaces. Or they come off..

    I once tried using POR-15 in a grotty carburettor float bowl. It fell off and blocked everything..
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