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  1. So I spent out the cash on the uprated fuel hoses with the better ethanol resistance... happy days.. but, what about the fuel filler neck and tank hose flexi?
    Is there any better quality type out there?
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  2. Neck , nope
    Tank hose: probably, a generic piece of fuel grade hose, depending on how hard you want to be in fighting a stiff hose into place, compared with the pliancy of the correct fit replacement items offered.
  3. My JK filler neck lasted about ten years, which for a modern part I didn’t think was too bad.

  4. davidoft

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    The quality is only as good as the current fuel
    Supply necessitates , so could be perfect forever on today’s fuel
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  5. Possibly. Worth reading the last two posts on this thread.

    I ended up getting a filler neck from this guy - double check its 100% ethanol resistant
    http://jtarubber.co.uk/index.htm. john@jtarubber.co.uk. He sells off cuts on ebay under Seller montyidd, you can message him for alternative lengths etc if they aren't listed. I'm pretty sure he is the supplier of the filler pipes that many vw people sell though.

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