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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by PIE, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Due to using what I had in stock I have a couple of jubilee clips in me fuel system, I might as well change the lot, looking on ebay Im not sure which is the best the screw type or the springy ones??
  2. I use the (Swedish?) stainless screw jobs - not that expensive. Plenty around. Important to get the right size so they clamp up properly.
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  3. I use the Mikalor springy ones. Dscf5100 Cropped.jpg
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  8. ^whs^ depends on the od of the pipe you've bought.. I think I used codan at 5.6 ID which is 12.2 OD so I used ABA12's which are 11.5 -13mm range

    I think Volksbolts say use the 11...

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  10. On my fuel injection set up I used 28 screw type clips, measure the OD of hoses for correct size. Jubilee clips just eat into rubber hose or squash filter lines.!
  11. @PIE Bearing man at Shrewsbury will help you, they also do Gates fuel hose

    Behind Tesco at Harlescott :thumbsup:

    on another note did i see you at Diva Dubs with the bay and the Splitty ?
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    Yea you should have said hello, the split won but the bay was an also run much to the wife disgust who loves the bay more, I know the CEO of bearing man he was nearly me next door neighbour and I see him in me local pub now and then!!
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  13. i think we did speak, did you have single wheel trailer on the Bay ?
    Is it Steve at bearing man by any chance ?
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    Yea thats the one, did you like the bay or split, and yes Steve the singer
  15. Got to be the bay (as we are on the late bay Forum ):D

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