Fuel gauge.. again. (sorry)

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  1. Hey all,

    I've reached the end of my capabilities now regarding fixing my damn fuel gauge!

    Ive replaced the sender, which didn't fix the problem (which I didn't know until I ran out of fuel lol) Now replaced the whole gauge from a spare set of clocks I got. The one the was in my VDO was blatantly not built for those clocks and bodged in so i was quietly chuffed with myself that my gauge was fixed now. I turned on the ignition and it read on the R, I then added a 5litre jerrycan which made the gauge rise about an 8th (to 1/4tank) which is about right I think. I the continued to feel smug..

    So today I replaced all the plugs and leads to cure a misfire I've been having which worked a treat and decided to take Marge out for a blast to blow out the ole cobwebs! (you can guess where this is going) You can imagine my disappointment when on our return 1 mile from my house ran out of fuel again!! Bloody gauge was just under 1/4 tank!! :banghead: :censored:

    So, did the walk of shame to the petrol station and all was fine again.

    So I'm confident the gauge can read the level properly, it just overreads how much fuel I have.. Is there a way of fine tuning this? Or do I just have to live with it that 1/4thank actually means empty?

    Thanks for all your help guys :)

    On the plus side she's running sweet as now after the service O0

  2. Not sure, what I do know is that ours reads all over the shop, we just have to keep a note that every 200 miles we fill up. I am not sure if any of these read consistently and accurate.

    Wish we had a trip counter so we would know when 200 miles is up, dont want to get low and suck 30 odd years of crud into the filter.
  3. Is it paddle type or a cylinder sender? The paddle ones can be bent. If it's this type maybe it's sitting on the bottom of the tank.
  4. Yeah it's the float paddle type, it did cross my mind to bend it but thought there might be a more accurate way of fine tuning it lol

    I have come across a blog about Beetle fuel gauges that talks about a little grub screw for fine tuning the gauge.. does anyone know if this is also the case with the T2's?

    Thanks for the help!
  5. I've just looked in the Haines and it says that the tank has a 56litre capacity.. is this right?

    I know that the tank was empty, I then filled it with 2x 5litre jerry cans.

    So with that rational the gauge 'should' read a 5th of a tank.. right? But I would want a bit of room for error... so with 10 litres (with a fuel economy of 18mpg, would leave me 46miles) I'd really like that to be on the R.


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