Front wheel wobble under heavy braking at speed.

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  1. Have just bought a 1973 T2, first one. Great fun until I had to break fairly heavily from about 45mph. Their was a significant wobble felt through the steering wheel. Any ideas what this might be. Front wheels have discs, rear drums if that helps.
  2. Could possibly be warped discs. Have you checked any of the brake system out yet?

    If nothing else check your fuel lines and preferably replace the lot!
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  3. Not had a chance to look at anything yet, not long been back. It started on the way back, more weight on board, with extra luggage, people etc. I will have a look at the discs.
    Excuse my ignorance, but why look at fuel lines?
  4. Hopefully there will be a post about this soon enough but basically you dont know what state they are in and if they are the original 30 year old lines then they will be shot or nearly shot.

    Too many buses get lost to engine fires, for peace of mind and not a lot of cash remove and replace the lot.
  5. the front discs are probably warped causing the judder
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  6. Yep, yer front discs are warped !
  7. Ok, how do I confirm this, and what is the remedy.

    Thanks for all your help on this.
  8. The remedy is to replace your front discs with new ones.

    Quoted from
  9. 1 Check the wheel nuts are on tight on the wheels. (all of them!)
    2 Check tyre pressures are ok
    3 Do the wheels need balancing?
    4 Jack up the front of the van put on axle stands - chock the wheels and release handbrake slowly - ensure its in gear, check wheel bearings are not duff or wheel is loose on the hub - take the wheel in both hands and try to move it in and out then up and down = as in pushing and pulling to and from you - if there is a bit of movement there - adjust the wheel bearing.
    5 As stated possible disc warp? (Rare I would say in a van like this - more likely rust on the disc?) - whilst jacked up, try to rotate the wheels - can you hear any noise like scratching or grumbling? If so tell your other half to stop moaning and get her in the Cab, Spin the wheel and ask her to gently press the pedal down very gradually - can you hear anything like a repeated noise at intervals? If so check the brake pads are they in good condition - plenty of meat? Replacing the disc brakes is easy enough - basically bolt off bolt on job and they are quite cheap - replace the pair though not just the one side. If your pads are almost gone get them done at the same time. Dont forget to bed them in gently for a few miles after
  10. Thats this weekend sorted out then. Thanks for all the help/suggestions etc
  11. Sometimes if your bus has been standing a while it could be a flat spot on the tyre or an ominous bulge.

    Most likely if you go out and use the brakes it may clear up. If not, front discs and brake pads are disposable items.
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  12. I would replace the tyres now as its been 8 years since the original post :)
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