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  1. And me please
  2. image.jpg So these are the heyd ones. They seem a lot looser moving them around in the Febi ,That I put in. And all in all just seem like much more quality.We’ll see how it goes. I was looking online and found a tool that I can replace the ball joints without removing the arms.Anybody have experience with this. Being that they would been out once ,already. Maybe the loose enough that I can use this tool. And maybe tackle weld on the ends so it won’t be sure to come out. I would hate to take the arms out again and dragged to a machine shop. But I know it might be the only solution.
    D654330B-B5D0-4C77-AA60-0C38B76F044F.jpeg 9A7C975B-C1B1-49F2-AD6D-4CA0A89B03BC.jpeg 6691CA69-2598-4CFD-A257-0780E9CDBBD5.jpeg
  3. no surprise here, they look like every other supplier offering.
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  4. I was after the gold plated ones Encrusted with diamonds but they didn’t have them in stock so I settled for these.
  5. hope it works out for you.
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  6. Anyone recommend a ball joint splitter that's not the fork wrecker type as I the joints seem ok so I am just looking to separate and replace the boots.
  7. I found that a firm smack on the side with a lump hammer did the job nicely.
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  8. Get one of the screw clamp types. Much better than a pickle fork.
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  9. @snotty - I should have measured up first as my ebay screw type arrived and doesn't fit!
    So thought I'd avoid getting 2 that don't fit.
    Thinking about it the one I have for the steering drop arm might do it, may be with a plate.
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  10. Welp, that took a while. Got underneath 'em and the boots are as new- no white marks, cracks- nothing. Bought them in 2014, so five years use or sitting around in a yard. Didn't take any pics unfortunately, will do if I remember on Sunday.

  11. Might try some of those...
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  12. least I would if their website wasn't so utterly crap. Useless.
  13. I need some if ppl are going for a bulk buy to save on postage.
    Mine are from Jk they've only been pushed backwards n forwards a few million times on the driveway but the offside one is split already

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  15. I was over specing, Didn't need a splitter. Big hammer, came a part easily.
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  16. I've replaced the boots, so refitting next.
    I am after some new M18 lock nuts, I'm not sure about the nylon lock nuts when the hub get hot (max on a nyloc is 120C)
    would prefer metal locking - I notice that the febi and lemforder ball joint use an all metal nut, not a nyloc.

    What do you recon, anyone know a source of all metal nuts.
  17. I wouldn’t imagine the hubs would get anywhere near that hot.
  18. If the hub reaches 120C you’ve got more problems to worry about than a nut getting a bit warm. Nylocs are fine.
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  19. Kays fasters on eBay will sell you some big nylocs. Make sure you get the right thread pitch - the nuts on the ball joints are metric fine not coarse, as I recall. M18 x 1.5.
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