Front ball boots

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  1. Anyone found any decent ones? Topran?
  2. *ball joint, not front balls :eek:

    I’ve killed my own thread here...
  3. I heard mention of some neoprene ones a while back

    I can’t remember the name mecha-something or other maybe
  4. Ive got Lemforder joints, just over 2 years driving, probably fitted 2.5 years. Do they do the Boots ? not sure
  5. I went to vw here in regensburg Germany yesterday. I’m replacing my ball joints I put in last year.i tried everything to loosen them up. Seems the vw ones are the only way to go . @snotty if you want my old boots you can have them free. when I take them off. Pretty thick rubber .I’ll post them ..But won’t be till June . When I take them off ..The vw ones are 25€ each , direct from the dealer . No cruddy aftermarket junk....also they have a nice Ghia for sale on the floor for 27 thousand....! Here’s some photos...

    AB478044-8338-43A9-9269-61D780678D02.jpeg 1B3DD6FF-0DD5-49ED-8A2A-2C901B415ED4.jpeg
    E00134F4-19A9-49E0-8E0C-22837BE17826.jpeg View attachment 75269 5663750E-7D63-413C-BA3D-04955BDC03F0.png DEBB2DFC-9FC7-41A7-A2BC-C8FADBC50767.jpeg
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  6. That is a wonderful thing :)
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  7. Love the color .... perlweiß ,,,
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  8. Adidas every time for me!
  9. can you post the picture of your new balljoints?
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  10. Yeah . When I get them ,next week . I ordered them
    ,,,,ball joint porn .?
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  11. just to spare you disappointment, they will be after-market ones, the question is what make.
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  12. I was thinking . That .
  13. Link above doesn't work, but I've used Mecatech ones in the past and they're great quality. Not sure if they'll sell to individuals or if you need to find a stockist/group buy some.
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  14. The link works for me. Mecatechnic is a parts retailer like JK, C&C, and VWH etc. why wouldn’t they sell to individuals? Parts I’ve bought from them have been good quality but I haven’t used their ball joint boots and €5.60 seems too cheap.
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  15. some nice old leather ones.

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  16. They do seem cheap. Anyone found any Topran ones?
  17. Sorry Westy, meant the link above that to
    I've only bought them once, and it was a few years ago- they'd bought a job lot from a mechanic friend, hence the "dunno". I'll pop under the car this afty and see how they're holding up.
  18. Anyone used the VWH “top quality” main ball joint boots? Any good, or will they be like other Heritage rubber stuff I’ve bought in the past?

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