Front 2/3 bench seat - whats going on here then?!

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  1. I've finally tracked down a decent front 2/3 width bench seat. Obviously these were offered as an option from the factory for walkthrough vans like mine with the "M501" kit. This fitting kit is quite simple, a couple of bars across the walkway to support the seat and allow the seat bracket to attach to something and a backrest support. So I bent some bars to replicate it.

    I have offered the bench seat up and the tubular seat frame fouls the inner edge of the passenger seat tub, making it sit ~50mm higher at this end - see pics. It won't go down further at this end, even if I sit on it. Am I going to have to chop a chunk of the seat frame out and re-weld? Surely this isn't normally required - do I have the wrong seat?

    Comments welcomed, especially if you have experience of fitting a bench seat in a walkthrough bus.
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  3. This ^^^
    The bench seats I've seen have the single seat mounted normally and the dual seat has a wider base , usually fitted to commercial vans with a full bulkhead and pickups .
    @sterlingmoz has a S.African pickup import , maybe he has some pics ??
    My panel van conversion had the larger seat base but it was cut out years ago along with the middle of the bulkhead , probably when it was converted.

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  4. Wasn't someone on here or earlybay selling one of the walkthrough middle seats??
  5. I think the little box storage section nearest the walkthrough is added if there is a walkthrough. And a different structure is used if there is a full bulkhead.

    At least the M501 option is actually bolted in. The Devon buddy box variant is held in totally with two spring loaded barrel bolts at the top of the buddy box and the seat back is just 1/2" square section tubing free standing, with a cushion fixed to it.
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  6. I ended up cutting a bit out of the side of the seat tub and welding it up. Also made some support brackets. Think it looks fine and the seat fits nicely, result.
  7. Looks a neat solution you've come up with.

    It does show that the M501 option isn't what you ideally required though.
  8. Where can I get the “M501” kit for my 74 bay??
  9. They turn up on Ebay or forums occasionally, haven't seen many of them though.
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    There one on prototype forum

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