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    While thanking you for the attention you give to my dearest wish, I want you to know that I was not wrong anyone by writing this message. My ardent desire was always to meet an individual stock so that it leads to social action through a foundation. However, I understand your surprise at my approach. My name is Marie-Brigittte PROUVOST born March 27, 1944 of French nationality but currently under medical observation in a hospital located in the UK. I had to contact you this way because I want to take with you to donate a sum of 1,500,000 USD in an effort to help people in need, make her happy poor families, orphans, help young entrepreneurs looking for funding to grow their industries ...... around you. My professional life has been a real tourism especially as I have always lived far from my country. First in Kuwait, where I worked in the oil business for two years. Then I was in Benin (2001) where I set up several businesses (real estate, engineering ...). It is in this country so hospitable that I have known true happiness of the marriage with a Canadian who also worked there. Unfortunately we were not blessed with children. After Five (05) years together, my husband died after a long illness. So I was left alone again with a butler at my disposal and a dog until the cancer comes restrict my life. It will soon be four years that I fight against this disease and medicine can no longer respond to the results of medical examinations my days are numbered according to the investigation
    my treating doctor. I stuck the money so important in a bank named BANK ATLANTIC for a construction project. I will be rigged to you entrusted the money to make my donation project successful. I took you to accept this because it is a gift from a dying woman and without asking anything in return. Please answer me as soon as possible
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    The butler mAn is a nice fellow, do not let her dispose of him pleases
  3. Oooooooo Freoiend !
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