1. Very excited! :thumbsup:
    Don't forget to take water with you, everyone...
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  2. Oh glad you said that, I didn't realise. I'm even going to pack the loo and loo tent too!
  3. You cant risk leaving your flegs lying around
  4. Whats wrong with a portaloo, not good enough for zee Germans.
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  5. phil did you manage to tarmac drag strip for tomorrow ive just got my 2133cc lump in so ican whip your ass;)
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  6. NO but there is the Hambleton straight right by the field, a favorite with those young boy racing types.

    Really ? type 1 or type 4?
  7. I didn't think they did a type 1 any higher than an 1800?

    *waits to be instantly proved wrong*
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  9. Phil, will there be pork scratchings and Pontefract cakes in industrial quantities?
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  10. The problem is "a" portaloo. I have no idea how many people you've invited. I'm not chancing queuing with 100 people for my morning constitutional.
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  11. Thanks for the tip-off - I'll be queuing at Zoe's ...
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  12. God , you've ruined the surprise now.
  13. says the lass who stopped for a wee at the side of the M1 while wearing a bright pink jumper just in case anybody couldn't see her
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  14. There will be no que for the gents , theres a big hedge for us
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  15. What sort of hedge?
  16. Tut , you can take the girl out of Brighouse but you cant take Brighouse out of the girl
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  17. Mixed vegetation.
  18. That's a comfort, nobody likes a monoculture when they are weeing
  19. type 4 in and porsche brakes all round for imense stopping for quicker turnround on return run . see ya in ma mirror dude :cool:
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