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  1. Hi
    This month, last week...
    Road trip around the Corse with our bus.
    I don't know how many kilometers we have traveled 900kms approximatly... For 14L/100km or 17mpg(us??)
    Sea to moutain river and river moutain to sea...

    The roads in Corse are difficults for Slammed bus.
    The roads are winding and damaged (as in the south of france...they do not know make beautiful road...)

    It's good trip for lot of landscapes and beautiful things...
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    It looks lovely @Frenchi :)

    Have you any more photos?
  4. Yes of course...
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    We love pictures on here!
  6. The first pict is at " l'isle rousse"
    The second at " vecchiu"
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