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  1. Hi Guys

    For sale is a kitchen! We have stripped out our van and as it a double slider opted against keeping the kitchen.

    Electrolux fridge
    Optimus cooker (with instructions)
    And cupboards, in good condition for its age. Perfect if you have a 3/4 rock and roll bed.

    I didn’t test any of it but can see no reason for it not to be working

    I’m not really sure on price, but did see the fridge go for £130 on it’s own on another site

    So I’m going to say £200 or if you got a set of powder coated wheels in white I would be tempted by a swap.

    Located in New forest, not for from Southampton

    I also got a spare wheel carrier for front of it of any use to anyone



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  2. I would be interested in this please. Do you have a pic of the front wheel carrier too?
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  3. Also does the fridge work on 12volt?
  4. There is no leisure battery in the van, so it’s not been run on 12v, if you were to run it on 12v it would drain the battery very quickly. These fridges can be run on gas I am very sure.

    it’s not letting me upload pics of the wheel carrier in this reply so I’ll pm you pics


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  5. Pm sent.
  6. Thanks Damen. Yes I'm going to be adding a Leisure battery, which could be powering the fridge while driving, so I just wanted to check if it had the 12 volt facility. Gas running is a bonus :)
  7. You have PM :)
  8. By the way, is the hotplate (goes on the right hand side of the Optimus) still there somewhere?
  9. Not that I can see, I’ll have a other look tomorrow
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  10. Hi guys

    Going to reduce this down to £150 hopefully it’s good to someone for the price or will sell fridge/Cooker individually as been asked.


  11. Now sold :beer:

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